A sexual attraction to a teenaged girl or boy who is not at the legal age of consent. Differs from Pedophilia in that said girl or boy has already reached and/or gone through puberty.
"Those who like lolicon are probably into ephebophilia, not pedophilia."
by Kym March 2, 2005
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Sexual attraction, preferentially, to teenagers who have been through puberty. It does not mean preference for adults, as some have thought. The age range is generally considered to be 15-19. It should be noted that almost all adults profess attraction to this age group, and that one is classified as an ephebophile only if this age group is chosen preferentially.

The beloved may or may not have reached the age of consent, depending on local laws.
Watch out, man! People will call you a pedo!

I'm no pedo! I like them grown up, just young. I'm have ephebophilia.

(From the Greek "epi-", upon + "Hebe", the goddess of youth, signifying those who have completed puberty + "-philia", loving.)
by Dubiaku December 17, 2012
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A sexual attraction towards young men or women who are in the later stages of adolescent maturity and early adulthood.

A love for physical nubile form.

The state of an inate sexual arousal (or urge) in homosapiens sapiens to pass along their genetic information, and with optimal proficiency, to produce the healthiest offspring that can repeat the process of evolutionary life cycles as guided by natural selection.

Scientific studies have concluded that women, generally between the ages of 16 and 23, are at the apex of their fertility and fecundity and produce the healthiest descendants.

It's been purported, and various studies have shown, that at least 80% of adult males are ephebophiles, whether they acknowledge it or not.
"Ephebophilia is a common traight amongst adult men."
by A.Sveltina February 3, 2021
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A condition in which an individual is perfectly healthy. It means you are attracted to girls and boys who have gone through puberty.

In other words you are attracted to other humans of breeding age.

Usually refers to teens.
Bill:Hey Tom aren't those 17 year old cheerleaders hot?

Tom: Sure thing. I wouldn't want to actively pursue a relationship with her due to the discrepancy in our ages, but yea. They've go huge tits too.

Bill: You know that makes you an Ephebophobe right? One who suffers from Ephebophilia.

Tom:She's got c-cups Bill, my 30 year old wife has smaller tits than her.
by Jerremy A March 4, 2009
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Ephebophilia is the sexual attraction towards females in puberty, 12-18(roughly)years old.

Ephebophilia is a modern term, as historically puberty was a defining part of adulthood and these were considered adults

Not to be confused with pedophilia, which is the attraction towards children(pre pubescent).
Frank would say he suffered from ephebophilia, but being attracted to 16 year olds when you're 19 is simply natural.
by Cuijk 0485 October 27, 2019
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To have sex with only adults!
The( pfew!, finally..) opposite of pedophilia.

note: if a pedophiliac is called 'pedo', then logic has it you should call an ephebophiliac an 'ephebo' or 'phebes' for short?
Hotter-than-the-ass-of-Hell horny French school girls!
by hytham_hammer July 12, 2005
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