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The one girl that everybody knows and loves! She is hot, nice and talented. She is quiet, unapproachable and reserved in public but once you get to know her, she is the coolest and funniest person you know! She can light up your world once she lets you in but she can seem really scary and bring you to your lowest once you make her mad. Overall, she is an amazing girl that you don't want to lose.
Bill: "Woah John is that Enna walking by?"
John:" Yeah Bill, I would to put a ring on that."
by character1234 June 28, 2015
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from the tamil "Enna di" ... current trends suggest this becoming a common greeting on the internet making a highly-acceptable substitute to the usual "hi".
Enna John Smith, wassup?
by N!K February 06, 2004
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Enna can be used to replace the common English word "what", if used as a question.
"Guess what i did today?"
by Sanch K February 06, 2004
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Can be used as a greeting instead of saying "hello".. or "hey". If someone says "enna" to you, it it customary to used the word "enna" at the start of every new sentance after the intial enna greeting.
Person A : "Enna"
Person B : "Enna"
Person A : "Enna wanna get a doner kebab"
Person B : "Enna..I cant be asked"
Person A : "Enna.. it's got good chilli sauce"
Person B : "Ok I'll see you there"
by Sanch K February 06, 2004
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