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To get unbelievably stupid drunk
I went to McSorleys the other night and got so englished that I fell asleep on the train and wound up in the middle of nowhere.
by DBrads March 12, 2008
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To be intoxicated to the point of extreme motor skills failure. To spill beverages on ones clothing or body if, due to bets and challenges, one is not wearing clothing anymore. The point at which the illogical seems logical and doors, chairs, vases, and glasses are begging one to break them.
You don't remember last night? Your shirt was more wet than dry and you were past Terry Schiavo drunk, you were Englished.
by dDaVmFmRmKtMtWrDjS February 02, 2009
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to be Englished — v. to be unnecessarily addressed, and/or assisted (verbally or by means of written script) in pidgin English (by some ignorant but well-meaning local, rather than in the local language. ). This will usually happen to ex-pats, especially in countries still developing and/or with little exposure/ to foreigners and with poor international level education, like Japan.
"I got Englished in the bookstore this afternoon by an old Japanese hag asking me where I was from. Then I got bloomin' Englished again in the "Pig and Whistle", handed a gobbledegook Romaji menu after I'd already ordered in Japanese, for feck's sake..."
by Deke Miller April 08, 2007
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When you are spending all of your time with a guy who acts like he is into you. He pays for your meals and holds your hand and tells you how great you are and how pretty you are and sends you mixed messages all the time. But he doesn't want to go any further than that. He just wants a pretty girl to hang out with and make him feel better about himself. This guy either has 1. an overall fear of commitment 2. a FWB with an ugly chick that he can't bring in public 3. can't get over his ex. Possibly all three. Origins: Eric English - the master of the game
I thought Adam wanted to date me but turns out I was just being Englished.
by Penelope Honeywell May 24, 2017
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