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The Town where IBM was established in 1906, there for often called the birthplace of computers. Birthplace of Baseball's four-time All-Star Johnny Logan. Also birth Place to Johnny Hart creator of the comic strip "B.C."and co-creator of "The Wizard Of Id". It was also was for 30 some years the home to the home of the PGA Tour's B.C. Open. Endicott is where Binghamton Univeristy started off at as Harper College before moving across the river to Vestal where it sits today as Binghamton University. This was also one of the towns that Endicott-Johnson Shoe factory was in, and also took its name from Henry B Endicott who started the Shoe company in the town.
Endicott is a town that was once filled with lots of history but now is empty thus we call it Emptycott.

Odd how a town can be birth of IBM and be so unknown this is why its Emptycott.

Endicott a famous place that most people dont know about.
by sovietwarchild September 12, 2006
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Endicott NY is a small town in southern NY characterized by a disproportionatly elderly population, early teenage pregnanicies, a grade school educated workforce, pessimism, ignorance, pollution, and ever increasing economic and urban decay. Endicott is best known for the speedie fest, during which the local hicks, get drunk, and consume large amounts of food the form of speedies which are skewered mean not unlike a shish-kabob. Popular activities in Endicott include: eating, smoking marijuana, going to church, collecting welfare and complaining.

My hometown is this hole named Endicott, you've probably never heard of it but it's an hour south of Syracuse.
by Homey G Slice February 06, 2007
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A small, preppy school on the beach in Beverly, MA where rich kids of average intelligence go for college. Located in an extremely affluent residential neighborhood of beach mansions, Endicott holds only the richest and preppiest of teenagers whose parents are paying the tuition. A beautiful school, and a wild school for parties. Most people haven't heard of it, and the students like it that way.
Lisa: Where do you go to school?
Emma: Endicott
Lisa: Where's that?
Emma: On the water in MA
Lisa: Oh that rich, preppy school for averagely intelligent rich kids?
by Princessinpink July 26, 2010
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People who live in Endicott pretty much think they can top Binghamton's ghetto ways. People who live in Endicott act like they are black no matter what race that are.(you can be a white cracker and act black)
Endicott people are weaboos toward Binghamton people
by Moooooufasa December 09, 2016
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A town in upstate New York where often the term for drugs is sweet corn. So if your ever in the area and someone is asking if you want some sweet corn you know they are really asking if you want some weed.
Endicott, it may be sort of dead and run down, but oh man can you ever get some good sweet corn there
by fugmuffin September 16, 2009
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1. The town in which the Endicott-Johnson (EJ) Shoe Company was founded, IBM, and the athletic store Dicks. The area around it is known for its Annual Spiedie Fest and being the Carousel Capital of America, full of old, rusted carousels that little kids can ride free of charge. Twilight Zone's Rod Serling also grew up here and has based a few episodes on his hometown (for some reason). Altogether, Endicott is another average small town in New York's Southern Tier.

2. A town three hours from NYC that you really don't want to live in. Aside from the boring, filthy streets it also has a crappy school system that happens to be built on a dump.
If you've never heard of spiedies, come to the wonderful Endicott and try some because we're really sick of eating them each time someone out-of-town comes to visit.
by mahhometownpride December 28, 2010
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