When you lose all will to resist death.
McDonald's manager: "Jeff, you're being transferred to a Detroit McDonald's"

Jeff to himself: "End me"
by Wakaran August 26, 2017
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Used to describe the girl that was last in your mind while masturbating before sexual eruption.

The girl that ends you basically tells your penis, "Penis, it's time."

At first I was thinking about Candace for a long time while jerkin my twerk, but then Jacqui came into thought and she just ended me.

Sergio: Dude, Dan. Alice just touched my leg. Later tonight before I go to sleep, I'll definitely end with her.

Josh: (To self) End me already! My arm is tired!
by emasdiez March 05, 2008
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If something is extremely hard or impossible, it may be the end of you. Refers to the fact that you may die of scrutinizing this thing, to get it perfect, etc.
This wording in my report... I swear it will be the end of me!
by FlyingSquirrel August 22, 2012
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