The act of encroachment refers to when someone is invading your space or your zone in an innapropriate way. Encroachment happens on all levels whether it's your older brother dropping game on your girlfriend, or when your roomates friend stays at your house for over a week and drinks all of your soymilk.
Note: When being encroached upon, one can throw a red flag or call a foul in order to identify and prevent any further damage which may be caused.
Man, i'd be way more comfortable chillin at my place if i didn't have multiple dudes there at any given moment. I might have to call them out on their encroachment and tell them to beat it.
by Christian Kirk August 19, 2006
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approaching or intruding, especially in a gradual or sneaking way; advancing beyond customary limits.
She began to encroach on Marisas sandwich. But marisa caught her in time.
by Morgan tee January 28, 2008
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When you are sitting on an airplane and the person next to you is taller or fatter so parts of their body start to spread to your seay making you uncomfortable.
The obese woman's thigh was touching mine on the airplane. What a seat encroacher!

I had to put a pillow next to the seat divider because the man's elbow were in my space. I hoped when his elbow touched the pillow he would stop being a seat encroacher. At the very least, he'd be touching the pillow and not me.
by Ranee Stevens April 17, 2011
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(noun) - The act of a fart encroaching on the exit, the exact moment when one is about to take Gas Relief medicine.
(verb) - A fart Jumping the gun when it realizes its demise is soon to come in the form of Gas Relief medicine.
I was farting like an absolute menace, I tried to take some gas medicine, but that was no match for the short term fart time encroachment.
by niquil July 02, 2021
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When a child walks in on their parents having sex
When Bobby walked in on his parents having sex, it was classified as a Midnight Encroachment
by Jsjjsjshbdbdjsbsb December 28, 2018
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