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One of those "Ultra-Mature" 15 year olds that sits in Starbucks with his laptop on the free Wi-Fi, rocks a golfers hat and Ray Ban sunglasses, pretends to be investing in his 401K and thoroughly checks E-Trade as if he was in a midlife crisis.
Greg - "Man, look at that coffee kid, every time I try to buy some diapers for my kids at Target, I gotta look at one of those losers sitting in the Starbucks that they put in. Look at that hat, check out his pea coat......what a loser.....
by Mr. Warren June 16, 2011
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When a African American and a Caucasion person have sex and their offspring is half black and half white.
Jeromine Iginla is a fucking coffee ass fucker

by Snik April 13, 2004
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