Another non existent genre
See Emo "Metal"
It is also physically and musically impossible to mix Emo with anything Hardcore. The thought of Emo and Hardcore mixed together makes me wanna laugh until I cough my lungs up.
by Corb August 28, 2004
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the breaking point from where emo becomes so emotional that listening to it is like throwing your soul in an emotional wood chipper, once you hear it you will never feel happiness again.
i here rudie killed himself after hearing that emo core ballad.
by Paco April 03, 2005
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A kid Who is emo , but doesn't listen to that bullshit emo music, listens to hardcore music. A kid who's life sucks, but cry's alot without anyone knowing, just takes it out on cuts and everything else.
That kid is such an emo kid no he's an emo-core-kid he listens to hardcore stuff not that emo crap
by X.xJoNx.X February 25, 2006
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1.Emos who realise how retarded the whole emo thing is, but still want the emo lads who haven't to stick their tongues down their throats, so they make a lame play on the word "emo" and think they're better than everyone else.

2. "Hardcore" music isn't hardcore at all, it's music that you don't actually like- you only listen to it so you can get bummin's from emofags.
"Look at those emo kids, heh. They're so sad, they ain't even hardcore." *Sips an alcopop* - Some emo-core-kid
by Deaf, Dumb and Blind kid March 04, 2006
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When you dress in all black but you can’t put in enough effort to be considered emo or goth.
What’s your favourite aesthetic?”

Cottage core.”

“Brocken and emo core”
by Homobefore99 January 14, 2022
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