It is physically and musically IMPOSSIBLE to mix Emo and Metal
by Corb August 29, 2004
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No mater what you think, this does not exist.

emotive hardcore (yes it falls within the realms of punk-rock... that is to say D.I.Y. punk rock) cannot be mixed with metal because of the totally different ethos that surrounds the two.
boy 1 in bad metalcore/grind t-shirt - "that atreyu are proper emo "metal""

boy 2 in nice braid /texas is the reason /hot water music /quicksand /dag nasty t-shirt - "oh, fuck off would you? thats just bad metal"
by Party Lewis December 21, 2006
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Someone who knows anything about Emo or Metal: Uhh...
by RKFS November 28, 2007
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As we all know, this is just a contradictio interminis meaning that the substantif itself excludes the adjective
Because metal is supposed to have texts about the end of the world, the devil, death and decay, and be happy about all off this.
Emo just cry by even thinking about this stuff, and are never happy.
Birth is always painful, Decaying in the womb trapped within this body
A bleeding human tomb gutted bitch lies dead emptied of the child
chewing on the cords its life line to this world afterbirth is flowing
The stench is overwhelming
My body, growing stronger, my pain turns to torture
Severing its bloodline
A butchered infant carcass
Meat from the unborn, the freshest kills
Chopped up children bathing in blood
Contoured and festering I rot in disgust
Re-generation of my body
Mother ripped apart
Smashing in her face
My knife cutting holes, fucking her remains
Esophogus carved out
Crushing cartilage
Bile oozing from punctures in your liver
Riping meat within
Chewing in intestine
Bladder spurting urine, sight of defecation now grow infection
The child ripped to shreads
Drinking its excretions
Zombification ejaculation over mutilation
On the Mothers body hacked into pieces
The sludges from my cock gives her life once again
Sewing the remains of the child deep within her
Reborn through evil
My torture known throughout Hell
Heed to his calling, the demons await my next kill
Carnage is my fetish
Body cavities scraped of guts
Brains seeping from cracks as my axe continues to hack

Just imagine this for an Emo crowd ... Emo "metal" should be related to this if it would exist ...
by Black_Sunset April 26, 2007
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Its all that crappy music they play on Uranium and Headbangers ball. It has annoying guitars and annoying-er voices.
by Michael August 26, 2004
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emo metal are metal bands with emotional lyrics.
by fizzypop January 1, 2006
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a 'darker' version of emo - much more second wave. That is to say, heavyier and more bass. Also known as Love Metal sometimes. No Accoustic guitares whiny lyrics. More screaming, heavier sounding tunes and random sounds (you cant call them notes really). Think Screamo meets metal.
His Infernal Majesty is the closest im gonna get to an example youd know off :D
Most emo "metal" bands have either long dissappeared or are underground bands. Try it, I did and feel in love with it!
by Frank the Bunni August 5, 2006
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