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A brainy girl with a very sunshine attitude. She's a bubbly girl that is really sweet and adorable. She has a cute voice and a giddy attitude that really shows up on her. Also, she's DAMN BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS.
"Oh look! That girl's Emjay!"
by SHOUT OUT TO MY EX December 06, 2017
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The goddess of procrastination. One with big boobs and likes geebas. Tends to frolich in meadows.
Yo, dawg...dont be so emjay, hurry dah eff up.
by emjay February 13, 2005
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16 year old alcoholic who is the queen of head. Massive breasts, huge fanny flaps and ludicrous lips are just some of the features of this legendary teenager.
Dude, Em Jay flashed her tits on webcam!
DUDE!!!!!!!!! Sweet.
by The Turdinator April 05, 2005
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A unique name for a funny and humorous girl. She is a person that loves everyone she meets. She is a beautiful, kind hearted girl that everyone loves to hang out with. Emjay can make anyone laugh with just her smile and her jokes will make your life better. Emjay can make anyone feel welcome and is a very independent person. She also finds it hard to trust people. Emjay will always be the life of the party and everyone treats her like a queen.
" she's so funny !"

" yeah, her names Emjay"
by Kodiegracemart1234in April 19, 2018
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the one. the holy. the mad. famously known on youtube for very wrong reasons. votes waroona as the biggest coon bludgen shit hole. usually found in unkempt habitats, such as dodgy train stations or IGA, with either a bong/bottle/derro whacken stick in hand. if she had only one match and a smoke, she'd still use the match to burn down waroona even if it meant sacrificing a durrie.
'if emjay was here, we'd be wasted by now'
by miss tripz September 15, 2008
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