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Someone who is beautiful, sexual, and knows exactly what they want. If you meet one you're blessed in life. They have a fun energetic vibe that radiates off them. Their smile will make you feel like you have a purpose. They are selfish but selfless, and if thats to much of a contradiction for you to understand then you have not yet met a Emeral. They're mysteries and once you think you completely understand them they open a whole new side of them that you would have never have guessed about them.
Emeral is everything you can ask for in life even if its just a passing by hello from them.
by greenthirdeye April 05, 2017
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"While having sex, pull out right before ejaculation. Go in your hand and before the girl realizes it, throw it in her face and shout "BAM, Spice it up a notch!!!"
"I pulled an Emeral on my girlfriend last night."
by Chris Acosta March 28, 2005
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When a bitch is beatin a guy off and right before he blows it, he pushes her away, cums in his hand and throws it in her face. BAM!
" i gave some random bitch the emeral last night at a party"
by dave buchanan October 17, 2006
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