A assortment of decoration used to make an often ordinary object become more appealing.
The golden hued croissant was embellished beyond its original beautiful and delicious state.
by Corn1234 November 7, 2017
Someone who tends to exaggerate their accomplishments to impress others. There may be a kernel of truth in their claims -- making it difficult to call 'bullshit' on them, not to mention the social risk involved in doing so -- but their exaggeration extends far beyond what might be considered remotely truthful.

More often than not, a dorky male with no real accomplishments to their name.
Jill: I've taken up learning the violin as a hobby.
Jack the embellisher: Oh, well I used to be a concert violinist.
Jack's friend: Lay it off dude, you learnt the violin for 8 weeks in primary school, and gave it up because you found it too hard.
by Ben3141 July 30, 2009
butter on toast or jelly or somethin
hey d'angelo wat did u have for breakfest this morning "well i had orange juice and some to toast wit alot of embellish on it"
by D'angelo moraza July 25, 2008
The act of drastically improving a persons hairstyle under the influence
Have you seen Basti lately?! Holy rusty cunt-bucket that dude must have undergone some serious follicular embellishment!
by giggedygiggedygiggedygoo November 29, 2011