The most amazing human you'll ever meet.
The BEST friend you could imagine, Ema is sweet, funny, caring has a lot of swag <33
If you ever meet a Ema, cherish them. Ema deserved it.
by felixasf April 26, 2021
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Someone with the name "Ema", with a singular 'm' is powerful and lucky. They have the power to enchant and attract and also create. A protector and healer.
"Ema once again, raised from the dead- her bed"
by LordNicholas May 7, 2021
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Ema is the kind of girl you NEEEEEDDDDDD in your life. She knows all the words to almost every song, rap, musicals, pop, rock, grime you name it. She’s also suuuupppeeeerrrr sexy even when she doesn’t try. 100% sure you’ll never catch her slipping. Her style is effortless and timeless and she’s almost always wearing something designer. She’s so beautiful she looks like a princess she always puts others before herself and she’ll be there no matter what

Zella : I know gucci what a beg

Eilis: you’re only saying that because you’re jealous
by Egehehehe March 13, 2018
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She is the best person you'll ever meet. You need Ema in your life. She deserves to be loved, and if you're her boyfriend, you should take care of her. She is jelaous, protective, and she can kill someone who's watching her man. She is always positive, and sweet but cold queen. Actually, when is Ema sweet, usually she needs something, because she is a "bad bitch". Ema can't show her feelings off that easy, but when someone's special, and when she loves someone, she will tell that person 1000 times "i love you". Don't try to fight with her, she is dangerous.
Ema gets mad and jelaous easily, but it's kinda cute.
You need one Ema, she will always be there for you, make you laugh and be happy to have her in your life. DON'T LET HER GO!
Justin: i lost ema...
Dylan:what do you mean lost??
Justin: i let her go... she gave me her love but i didn't care... now she's happy with him and i want to kill myself bcs i'm dumbass.. i still love her
by Teixie May 20, 2018
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The most magnificent girl you’ll ever meet in your life. She’s 1 in a trillion. She is sometimes compared to Medusa due to numerous reports of when you lock eyes with her you fall into a deep trance and love her with all your heart. She has an amazing body and is not afraid to show it off because she’s confident in herself. She’s very funny and always coming up with hilarious unexpected dirty jokes that actually sort of get you turned on too. She knows how to put joy into any persons day and is so kind to her family and friends close to her. If you mess with Ema you are done because her boyfriend will literally find you and make you apologize to her face because she doesn’t deserve shit from inferior people. All together, she is the perfect girl of every boys dreams, but it’s too bad because you can’t have her she’s taken.
1: Have you seen that girl? She’s such an Ema.
2: Wow you’re right she’s literally perfect I wish I could have her.
1: Yeah same here but she’s already taken, she’s out of our league anyway..
by Anthron49 October 31, 2018
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A girl that is a living meme and likes shrek
A: I love shrek memes

B: You’re such an Ema!
by Potica December 30, 2019
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