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Elycia is a laid back hippie. She is beautiful and giving.
She is a strong woman with a mind of her own. She is constantly open to learning new things and knowing new people.

She is open to anything and works hard for what she wants.
Do not underestimate an Elycia.
If you need a friend, call an Elycia.
by NSPAN February 03, 2010
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Elycia is a great person. She might seem shy at first but she has a heart of gold. Most people don’t notice her but she notices them. She’s very observant and loves to talk about the way she wants to live life.
β€œDo you know Elycia?”

β€œYou should. Those people only come once in a lifetime”
by coolestpersontoexist October 17, 2018
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Elycia is the most prettiest girl you would ever meet . She is Unique, funny and Loyal. Has a beautiful smile , And always laughing .
You know Elycia she's the prettiest girl you would meet.
by Coolestpersononearthfacts November 07, 2018
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Elycia is a word to describe a person who can't mind her own business generally overly involved in other peoples lives to compensate for a lack of life of her own. An Elycia is a gossip queen who feed rumor mills because she has no life, they can always be found doing drugs and drinking fighting with their mom and dad about child custody and fucking random dudes. Most times an Elycia will re-date the same guy to compensate for lack of looks or general ability to do anything other than shit talk people behind their backs, they will be real winners watching their neighbors like creepy old women suspicious of everyone because without alcohol nobody likes her.
elycia: did you hear about this and that
neighbor: did you know I don't care
elycia: but they do things

elycia: why wont you listen to me why is everyone avoiding me
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by Timmytrumpet June 16, 2018
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Elycia is a girl who you would NEVER want to meet, trust me! she may seem nice but that is just her trap to take out your soul. She makes everybody feel bad for her, even tho her life is pretty ok! she talks behind your back and makes up rumors about you . If you ever meet an Elycia make sure to RUNNN and move to a different state :))
dude 1: bro I just got back from my date with Elycia ! She seemed super chill and kind I think I am going to go out with her again tomorrow!

Dude 2: holy shit she might have already possessed you! That's it Japan here we come konichiwa!!!!!!
by ur_gurl November 16, 2018
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