Home to many former city dwelling "gangsters", Resulting in neigboring peers to think they live in a "hood" or the "ghetto". So supposively, Everyone technically residing in elmont was formaly from one of the 5 boroughs, And they still claim their old neighborhoods, Even though they most likely Moved to Elmont when they were Younger and had not been through the "the teenage growth experience", Further more... Everyone living in Elmont is From elmont ..But Since they were born in the city they claim it and it twists their brain into thinking they live in the "ghetto" and that they're living the "thug life" Claiming elmont is almost as sad as living in it.
Elmont teen: Yo nigga im from the hood son, whats poppin?

City teen: Word you from the hood, where you rest your head at kid?

Elmont teen: Da-Mont (elmont) son, im gangsta nigga, thug lifeeeeeee

City teen: Da-mont? Nigga wheres that at? Brooklyn?

Elmont teen: Nassau county dunn, Rep till i die.

City teen: You probably won't die from any crime related shit in the suburbs.


City teen: Yea, Aight.
by W8 Guru September 12, 2006
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A Place ov many haitains and a small spanish community around the racetrack, and 1 african american(me). Everyone there got dough, it's not a ghetto, it's filled with the fakest thugs just because they live next door to queens. Anyone who lives in elmont who has a life knows to chill some where else cause that place is corny. The women never come on the block, so you never know where the cute gurls are unless you slipped up and went to an elmont school. I got here round junior high, went to school for bout 2 yrs here and went straight to SJP in queens for highschool
da mont elmont nassau haitains ugly women
by Nate Will September 19, 2006
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Small town that gets a lot of people from Queens over since they are bordering each other. You'll be seeing a few robberies locally on a week to week basis. Very diverse neighborhood with many minorities. Schools are the worst, and the people are arrogant.
Dude from queens: Where you from dog?

Dude from Elmont: Elmont
by Aaris78 January 15, 2021
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with the finest guys and the hottest boys you cant get no better then elmont! Elmont Memorial stand up! Spartans get em till da end!
guy 1:yo im from brooklyn
guy 2: brooklyn? fuck that im from queens!
elmont nigga: im from elmont respect dat!
guy 1 & 2:shit dat nigga from elmont!
by Street_Stunna555 May 6, 2005
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The most ghetto school someone can attend. Most people there start fights and problems. Think they the shit. They aint nothing. Smoking and drinking in tht school is the top thing most people do
opionion on elmont memorial ?

People smoke and do bad shit in tht school

Really ?

Yes im happy ima leave tht school
by Hoesbelike0987 September 30, 2013
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When you forcefully fist a girls rectum and take the fecal matter from said rectum and paint your face with it.
Person 1: What's on your face?
Person 2: Oh I just did a Sneaky Elmont with my homies
by Yung Sherby December 28, 2022
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