1.)a rugby player

2.)a wet bolognia flower

3.)a not-so-nice insult
guy 1) Hey do you know that kid tyler?
guy 2) Yeah, he's the hairy twat right?

Kyle Holland will never get into a hairy twat

Kyle won't get any hairy twat because he's such a fucking hairy twat.
by Tim Gesell October 31, 2003
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an unshaved, shitty smelling twat, or cunt, if you wanna be politically correct.these can be rectified with simple tools like a razor, or soap, wich can be found at many locations world wide.
i was hanging with my girl, i was gonna go down on her so i gave her the finger test...man im glad i did!, boy did she have a hairy stinky twat!
by fat nutz September 29, 2007
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