A beautiful girl. Beautiful. Boys love her but she is oblivious to their flirting, or she doesn't like them back. She will be your best friend and always is happy. It doesn't matter who she is with, she will ALWAYS be nice to you. That is unless of course you are mean to her then she will not talk to you because she gave her all and you did nothing. Ellie's glow with happiness and can seem shy but are naturally crazy and fun. Ellie's are willing to do anything and love adventures. Ellie has been the friend that I could completely rely on for 8 years now, and I will never forget her no matter what.
Person - Ellie you are an amazing friend thanks so much!
Ellie - You too Person, I love hanging out with you!
by krakrazy4you November 22, 2014
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Ellie is the most amazing friend in the world.

She can make you happy just by smiling, and she is a very pretty girl.

Ellie means Golden Sunshine, and thats exactly what she is, cause she light up a persons everyday.

If you need a good and true friend, go look for an ellie
Girl 1 : shes my best friend

Girl 2 : omg your so lucky to have an Ellie !
by Sushney September 25, 2011
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an inspiring girl who i knew i'd get on with at first glance and then i fell for after meeting her properly for only one evening. she's 100% lovely and makes me really happy when i talk to her even though she lives so far away. i'm not even jealous that she told me she's falling for someone... it's just nice to be able to talk to her, and i love to know that she's happy. i just hope she at least likes me as a friend and we can continue our friendship, because i'd like her to stay in my life.
1 - I just wish there was someone i could talk to, tell everything to. I don't have anyone who even makes me happy when i talk to them...

2 - You know what you need, you need an Ellie! they're incredible!
by someone who falls too easily September 10, 2011
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Ellie is an amazing soul who can light up a room with laughter. She always finds a way to make someone smile even when they are feeling down. She is shy but can be crazy around her best friends. Ellie has a sensitive side that she doesn’t really show, but She is beautiful creative and can always fix her mistakes. She’s a thinker and problem solver who can always help. She loves art, dance, and gymnastics. She is sometimes clumsy but also graceful. She has blondish brownish wavy hair and blue green eyes. She is kidheated and knows how to make your day,
“Ellie is so sweet and can always make me smile.”
by elliepaige November 25, 2017
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Ellie is an amazing friend though usually wants everyone to herself. She loves to flirt and usually falls for the bad boy type .she may pretend she doesn’t like it when he hugs her but secretly she loves it . Ellie can get most boys she wants and is very pretty and gorgeous. Be careful though , get on her bad side and everyone will be turned against you . If you have an Ellie in your life love her dearly and never let her go .
Ellie is stunning isn’t she !
by Mixerxox January 02, 2018
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Ellie ... The most amazing person in the world , funny and sexy very attractive . She has mad obsessions . sort of person you would take home .very good at everything . Just is useless at speaking languages except from gibberish .Her writing makes no sense but her fashion does . owns all the brands designer clothes she has it . And Tesco clothes .Pure amazement . Everyone wants to be an Ellie . :)
Person 1 : Woah look at that girl...
person 2 :Dude she an Ellie !
by Niall plonta Horan February 09, 2013
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Ellie is an amazing and beautiful girl who any boy would be lucky to have. Unfortunately she is very hard to please and the boys who want her, usually don't get her. She only has the eye for that one special boy & when she finds him she will treat him like the best. He will love her and she will love him.

The boy who gets Ellie will be the luckiest by far.
Ellie Lucky
by your amazing :) March 30, 2011
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