She may have a hard exterior but she's one of the most beautiful and wonderful people I know. If you ever have a chance to make her yours take it.
by cjoatkinson May 10, 2012
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Often times "Ellie" is short for her real name. She is often times taller than her friends. Ellie's personality often sways and tends to seem like she has multiple. She is very shy when meeting new people but she is self-motivated and will warm up after awhile. She judges people upon first impressions to see if you would be good friends with her or not. Ellie is EXTREMELY accurate when it comes to this. It is hard to gain her trust but once your friends, she'll be loyal and will help you whenever you need it. She tends to drift off in thought at times. If you're lucky enough to be Ellie's friend she will be happy whenever you're around and will be open with you. Ellie is an EXTREMELY opinionated person and she'll HATE if you reject it right away or won't listen. She can be a bit bitchy and cold at times when she is annoyed, but she is a true leader in people's lives.
Person 1: "Why doesn't Ellie have any friends?"

Person 2: "She does! But she only has a small group of close friends like me."

Person 1: "Wow, your so lucky to have found an Ellie!"
by Hetalia is awesome April 28, 2012
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A girl who came on urban dictionary to find funny definitions for her friends names but instead found out they’re either funny and pretty or sex gods
Ellie: i went looking for funny definitions but all i found was people writing nice stuff
by 100% accurate definition June 06, 2020
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Ellie is a girl who is very sarcastic but has good comebacks she can be quite nasty when she wants to be but when she is happy she can be quite nice she is very good at makeup and dance she is quite a hyper friend only some people get her personality
Girl 1 : see that girl over there
Girl 2 : yeh , damn she is a ellie
by Ploperpoop October 26, 2013
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An amazing girl who can always make you laugh, no matter how bad you're feeling. She's had countless boys fancy her, but has rejected every one of them for the one guy she loves and will always stay true to, even with his blind reluctance. She may have her insecurities blinding her from her own inner and outer beauty and she may think honest, heartfelt compliments are lies, but that doesn't change the fact that her brilliance is very real to everyone who spends more than two minutes with her and that her beauty is perfectly visible to everyone who sees her. Anyone who has the honour of being close to her should cherish and protect it, because that is one of the most amazing things you'll experience and if you lose her you may never quite get over her.
"Ellie's my bestfriend, I'm so lucky to have such a funny, clever, caring, kind, trustworthy, amazing person as my friend, I don't ever want to lose her."

"We used to be really close but now she really doesn't like me... I'd do absolutely anything to have my friendship with her back"
by MonnyMon May 20, 2014
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The most amazing person. She is an amazingly cute person. she rocks out and sing 24/7
wow; did you here ellie sing today?
by snowy_owl August 31, 2015
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Ellie is a very kind person, who will stand up to her friends. DONT MESS WITH HER, she is usually into sports like Volleyball, or softball. She is sarcastic a lot but is really funny! Very pretty and adorable also very Hot.
Lots of guys want her but she will refuse to all of them she has a good eye for who she wants, it will probably be her boy best friend, secretly she will love him. Never she and crazy! Always knows how to start the party! She loves lots of you tubers or she is one. You will be the luckiest people on earth to date or be friends with an Ellie. Ellie's are usually best friends with girls with the name Maddi, or Catherine.
Person 1: Wow that girl has brown hair must be an Ellie
Person 2: especially since she is really pretty
by Ellie's July 08, 2015
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