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An uber cool girl who loves Mcfly and Dougie Poynter. Is often spotted in her natural habitat - Dougiefied, where she shares her awesomeness and makes people smile.
Wow - she makes me smile so much. What an awesome Ellice!
by aslaaaan July 25, 2008
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That girl who takes the last shot and is willing to do anything, shes always at the club despreate for love. When she has love she keeps it tight.
by Cjluvspets03 February 28, 2015
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Kind, Friendly girl who chats a lot. Very pretty and cares a lot about her appearance.

Ellice's are commonly found inside fast food restaurants, such as Mcdonald's or Burger King. They like to eat a lot, and munch throughout the day, often emptying the fridge when on a food rampage.

The mickey, is taken A LOT, but this doesn't stop Ellice's from contuining with the food intake.
1. Is that an Ellice over there?

2. Obviously, she's got a burger in her hand.
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A gorgeous and intelligent girl with a warm personality and cute smile. She'll take your breath away with her luxurious body, shaped just like a coke bottle.However beautiful on the outside , she carries a BIG appetite
John: what's your girlfriends name
John: Oh she's a keeper
by Azula blue April 22, 2017
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Ellice is a very sexy and sexual girl. She loves to drink, and take drugs. She loves to have sex and to have big dick in her mouth. She’s a big one, shaped like a big, juicy plum. Every boy would die to have a taste of her. She loves to go to every single fast food restaurant there is. Why do you think KFC went out of chicken?
“Wow! Ellice made KFC’s chicken go poof!”
by Anonymooossss May 18, 2018
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