Eller is awesome.
Eller is like an ice cream on a hot sunny day.
Eller is like the feeling when you score a goal in soccer.
Eller is like a steak when you've been wandering thru the desert for a month. Or two. But not three.
I'm Eller.
Michael Jackson was Eller. Or wait. Was he?
by shoobeedoo May 23, 2010
An Eller is a person that is amazing! Eller's are also really pretty and crazy. Only crazy people are called Eller's. But the way you get this nickname is one, if your crazy and two, if your name kinda sounds like Eller (ex. ella, eli, elle). If a person calls you Eller, that means they are your friend, want to be your friend, or likes you. It is a true privilege to be called Eller! ❤
Person- "Hey Eller!"
In persons head- wow I like her
by Bootybuttbutt January 23, 2018
A person that is an Eller is one of the best people ever. Eller's are girls that are really pretty and athletic. But best of all they are super crazy, which is why people call them Eller. If you are called Eller, you are one of the best people they know and they like/love you. It is truly a privilege to be called Eller! ❤
Friend- "Hey Eller!"
In friends head- wow I love her
by Bootybuttbutt January 23, 2018
Crisp, clean and somebody that always gets consensually whatever they want. If there was a term of amazing and good looking this individual would be a Eller, Ellers are and will always be amazing as fuck. If you're ever so privileged to be with one of these people in their very presence, turn into a Serial stalker right then and there. For your escapades will be rewarded with great Valor and treasure

If they were to rewrite the Bible Eller would be the only word in it. If there was a language that the gods ever spoke it would be the language of Eller. If you ever had the best sex you've ever had in your entire life you have just had an Eller.

It is true if you meet these individuals who are a select few Shirley follows riots problems and drama because the desire to have these people in their life. If you meet a woman that is married to Anne Eller you must respect her and treat her like a queen because in the old world of the world she would be. But if your name is not Eller know this you will be banished from the kingdom you have no dick and your pussy. And we are not talking about the pussy that is a good kind we're talking about the little sissy Cry Baby Bitch not the thing you lick.

Back in the day people would say god speed. In the future they will say Eller speed!
Person 1: damn that woman looks perfect.
Person 2: I know she is, she married a Eller
by the1darren84 September 10, 2017
<< Ellers >>

If you know an Ellers, how does it feel to have a friend who stares at walls 24/7? Don't worry, even though they are inclined to repeating this behavior, they are always paying attention to the conversation.

Ellers tries to start conversations herself but fails miserably, so they constantly make side comments in an attempt to make up for that!

Ellers holds their friendships and family close to their heart. They will always find ways to help other when they can because it brings them happiness :)

Ellers is very bad at giving hugs, but they try and that's what matters <3
Ellers is over there in the corner, staring at the wall. Go and say hi, they're really nice!

Ellers is so funny once you get to know her!

You have a friend named Ellers? POGCHAMP!
by not ellers December 4, 2020
A big Schwachkopf and a bad Lua developer

mcNogger owns me and all
EllerE ist ein ttt noob
by FourlokoDev January 25, 2022
The sexiest dude that you'll ever meet, who usually gets all the bitches and is the sweetest and cutest boy ever.
"Damn look at Chase Eller and all them bitches."
" i know, chase is so cool"
by MArcus Carlito November 17, 2016