An Arabic word meaning full moon. Usually a tall slender woman with full lips and a mysterious aura. She is exceptionally beautiful and known for her unique eyes that seem to hypnotize. She seems to be cold and indifferent,but even the people closest to her do not know how much she cares about them. This woman is often misunderstood and overprotective and despite her passion to make those around her happy, she lacks many friends. She often rejects the idea of love,though she secretly wishes for a partner. You can find this open-minded model in alternative stores,popping up at the coolest new scene,comic book stores,occult shops, writing poetry, trying on trashy clothes at the mall, social media obsessing, and keeping her fandoms to herself.
Oh my god Lua is so amazing. How could someone so distant be so stunning?
by SilverWishes November 19, 2013
Lua is one in a million, despite her uncommon name she is also very creative and is the funniest person you will ever meet. She is also the sweetest girl you would ever meet and would do anything to portect her friends. You would be the luckiest person in the whole world if you were her friend.
Lua is so sweet!
by Pratica gomes September 27, 2017
An ancient Hawaiin
Martial art. Is used to break bones and dislocate joints. Was used by warriors/warrior(koa). Was banished for a while but later emerged and became popular in 50s. Is practiced in North and South America.
Martial Arts Hawaiian Dislocation Broken Bones
Random kid: Man I'm scared of getting mugged
Other random kid: you should join Lua, then the muggers will be scared of you
Random kid: k
mugged random
by "El FLÅCØ„ May 31, 2013
A beautiful and haunting song written by Conor Oberst, of the band Bright Eyes.
I listen to "Lua" when I feel sad.
by Rose321 July 28, 2005
A beautiful name meaning Moon in portuguese. A great friend, and lovable person. Usually very tall and beautiful, with big lips. Commonly talks a lot. Is seen with her best friend Sophia a lot, making movies or having photoshoots.
Man... that Lua girl is driving me crazy!
by Sochicachica2 August 12, 2009
A coding language that different just to be different.
Lua nerd: "I need help with Lua"
C++ Guy: "What the fuck are you doing with your life"
by February 5, 2016
a strange programming language commonly used in Roblox

game.Lighting.Atmosphere.Density = 0
Lua is easy!
by big man 22211155 January 25, 2022