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The most beautiful kind,loving and special girl in the world. It's impossible not to love her. One look and you want her all to yourself and you'd give anything to be with her.
"dude i can't believe you messed up your chance. Thats Ellena."
by siow January 10, 2012
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Greek origin, meaning Bright One, Shining Light. Is synonymous with Helen from Helen of Troy whose face set sail to a thousand ships. Ellena is also the capture of beauty in one woman. She has the ferocity of a lion and the tenderness of a kitten. A man can be seduced by her smile and inspired by her creativity driving him to be the best he can be. She has the body of a Greek goddess and wheres the absolute best "dancing shoes" with the best dancing moves. She'll make a man feel like the richest man in the world as well as the most important, One can not help but love this divine creature who is an Ellena.
Is that a Greek goddess, is that an Ellena? That painting is absolutely Ellena!
by finlayson00 November 01, 2010
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Greek name meaning light

To be honest, Ellena is the most kind and beautiful soul anyone could ever meet. She is caring and understanding, with a killer personality. She makes you laugh 24/7 and she is beautiful. She's humble and works hard to be the best version of herself. She's confident in herself and hangs out with the people that make her happy. If you aren't her best friend, you want to be, and she just makes you so happy. xo
You: Who is that amazing, caring, hilarious girl?
Me: Must be named Ellena.
by cee681 June 26, 2018
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Thicccc asf, Curvy, Beautiful face, amazing eyes and hair.
Damn look at her is that Ellena?
Look at her ass that is fat, I’d like to grab that
by boiCûnt April 30, 2019
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