To rapidly shrink and fade into a sad puddle of dissapointment.
So I was having fun with my new chromosome right? But then I Ellen Degenerated into a fuckin Potato. Imagine that.
by Darklyre October 26, 2018
A bitch, Karen type of person. A man is going to take over her show. The man is James Corden he is the highest ranking lesbian that the producers of the ellen show could have.
Weren't you on the Ellen Degeneres show? Yeah, Ellen said the tickets were free we actually had to pay almost 1,000 dollars. I paid to also be on one of her games and i "won" 1,000 more dollars but instead, i had to pay more money.
by dote white girl September 25, 2020
Degenerate - an immoral or corrupt person.

Ellen DeGeneres : famous talk show host

Ellen Degenerate - Basically being a trash bag and giving zero fucks about it.
1 - "I got so wasted last night that I grabbed a wet mop and swung it around and got kicked out of the bar, I was an Ellen Degenerate"
by frownutil1 August 28, 2017
having sex with a gay corrupt and/or dirty person.
"It was a night to forget. I committed an ellen degenerate."
by 1brazilnut November 24, 2008
Pronounced "Ayen Deheneres", this pop TV icon has revolutionized the talkshow world with her show, "The Ellen Show".
"Hey, bro, did you see Ellen yesterday?" "Nah, but Ellen DeGeneres is a cool person."
by NevadaDude March 31, 2016
An homosexual actress who, in 1997 managed to play the role of an homosexual woman who decides to stop to be a crypto-lesbian. Both the character and the actress ended up coming out simultaneously... and on National TV.
Thank to people like Ellen DeGeneres, we will come to the plain understanding of the fact that a lesbian is just another ordinary person.
by Ysengrim January 2, 2004