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1. The least conventional combination of l’s and t’s for the names "Eliot/Elliot/Elliott" that is somewhat more acceptable than "Elyot." There is usually a red squiggly line beneath this word in text editors.

2. A precocious boy who discovered, at quite a young age, that his name is an anagram for “toilet.” An Eliott is also an exceptionally skilled drummer, a connoisseur of music and comedy, and a friend of stray cats.
-"Gah, for the last time, autocorrect, my name is Eliott!"

-"You have an Eliott in your band? You guys must be really good."

-"I love Eliott, meow"
by thecatlady December 16, 2012
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The most handsome and caring person you'll ever meet. He loves Gaga, friends, dancing, all the good things in life. He is constantly giving and fulfills contracts with those around him to his best ability. Buying drinks and cellphones for friends are not uncommon. If he is made fun of too much he snaps and emits an explosion of sass. In closing "he took his life from negative to positive" and "just wanted all of yall to know that" and the NOT a shit flap at all!
Eliott: Hey Cora I got you a JaggerBarrel!
Cora: Thanks Shit Flap! You're the best
Baylee: Cora you shouldn't call him that he's legit and that rudeness is not part of the CONTRACT
Cora: Whatever, I didn't wanna be 6 month exclusive with him anyway.... and Kristen will buy me one when she wils lotto max and splits it with Shit Flap
by not.shit.flap September 24, 2011
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Eliott is a guy who loves to share the wild side of life. He absolutely loves going on the sesh with some Chris Brown added to the mix. He is a ass guy hands down and whenever he's a nice piece of ass, there's no stopping him. He is very sensitive on the inside and whoever can capture his heart will allow him to spill his inner emotions. He's got so much talent, especially at drumming and rapping and if you ever meet and Eliott, you should never let him go because he is one unique individual who will make your day better within a second.
Josh: Woah is that Eminem?
Me: no that's Eliott

Josh: damn he's a god
by somegirlnamedcs July 31, 2017
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