Elijah is a smart, fun to be around, hot, athletic guy. He has the most amazing eyes ever The moment you look in to his eyes it's like looking into outer space. Elijah's tend to play football and hang out with the popular kids but is kind to everyone. At first they might seem shy but once you get to know them they are the most talkative person you will know. They have a great sense of humor. Their smile can turn your worst day into your best day. They try to hide their emotions from the world so if you see one and he don't seem right give him a hug and let them know your there for them through heaven and hell. Elijah has great hair to but DONT mess it up. And he can have the perfect girl right in front of him and don't know how much she cares about him. He is so hot but denise it. Not falling for him the hardest thing ever for any girl who meets him. He does not judge people on the out side but it's the inside he pays attention to. And if you meet a Elijah never let him go you will regret it forever trust me I know I just want him to know how much I love him
I love you Elijah ("Hays B.")
by Anonymous012606 January 19, 2020
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Most people who have the name Elijah is smart or a savage also a name given by God sense one is helpers we're Elijah so they name is holy
Did u see Elijah say no to the "teacher "
by Eliijah November 25, 2015
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Eli short for Elijah, is one of the most amazing and extraordinarily special person that I have ever had the honor to meet, and I am glad and very extremely honored to be able to call him one of my best friends.
He's also very cute and is a bookworm, and we can't forget that he's also a nerd.
He can always tell when something's up and he will always try to cheer you up, most of the time it works too, even though he sucks at it, he still always has the power and a way of cheering you up even if you don't want to, just the kind of energy that he has is enough to make you crack a smile.
He also causes mixed feelings and extreme confusion and denial too as well, the kind of thoughts that are along the lines of I really really like like him, but I can't let him find that out at all! Because then he'll feel awkward around me and I don't want that, but I really really really like like him! What do I do?
Hey Sage, have you seen Elijah ?

Sage: Library
via giphy
by Sage Hansen June 04, 2019
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The most wonderful guy you will ever meet. He makes you smile just by looking at him. He is the sweetest person you will ever meet and never fails to make someone feel like they are important. He has the most beautiful eyes that will make you cry just by looking at how unique they are. He might take a while to let out his feelings bit when he does he makes sure its all planned out and lets you know everything you need to. One of the best people on the face of the Earth by far
Person1: wow look at how beautiful elijahs eyes are
Person2: they are just like his personality
by King of dairy queen May 15, 2019
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A name most commonly used for religious people who wanted to name their child after someone who could give them information or guidance. If you are not religious, the name ELIJAH may resemble a word in Toronto Slang, “Eli”. If your name is Elijah it’s likely that you’ll grow up having to introduce yourself into a new neighborhood as a Convicted Rapist.
Example 1: I dreamt that I should name my son Elijah after the Prophet

Example 2: That guy is moving super Suspicious, his name might be Elijah

Example 3: Hi, my name is Elijah, I’m moving in next door and I’ll have to inform you that I AM a convicted rapist.
by MikeTythson July 25, 2020
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Elijah seems very quiet in front of most people, but in front of a select few he talks a lot and may have a mild obsession with otters and pineapples. Elijah spends most of his time drawing and watching dank memes.
Wow look that pineapple reminds me of Elijah
by Eli J. Baller December 29, 2016
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The most gorgeous, wonderful guy you could ever lay eyes on. He's different, out of the ordinary, special. His smile makes all the hipster girls go weak at the knees. His hair, oh god his hair...

With his wonderfully smooth, hilarious personality it's impossible to dislike Elijah. He's usually a rocker, wearing black skinny jeans and Jimi Hendrix shirts. Absolutely nothing can get in his way. He want's to stand out. He's not even aware of the swooning chicks that are desperately waiting for him to give them one of his looks. He's independent. Beautiful. Perfection.
"Hey... Is that Elijah riding his bike?"
"Oh my god, it is! Man, I wish he would notice me."

"I think I'm in love with Elijah."
by Nobodycanseeme March 12, 2013
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