Most people who have the name Elijah is smart or a savage also a name given by God sense one is helpers we're Elijah so they name is holy
Did u see Elijah say no to the "teacher "
by Eliijah November 25, 2015
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Elijah is a handsome guy with the best curly hair u can imagine and all the girls have there eyes on him and he can brighten up a whole room with his personality but if u make him mad he will go off and roast u to the brim and he is powerful with his thinking and strength and he is most known for his large cock and all the woman are attracted to it and he is most known for being good at pulling others girls
Elijah is strong and handsome and can pull ur girl in a blink of an eye
by Carol jackson September 20, 2018
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Elijah seems very quiet in front of most people, but in front of a select few he talks a lot and may have a mild obsession with otters and pineapples. Elijah spends most of his time drawing and watching dank memes.
Wow look that pineapple reminds me of Elijah
by Eli J. Baller December 29, 2016
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Cool, nice and handsome looking dude. Watch out though this dude can whip up a MEAN roast fast. So don't disrespect the art of the rek. Side this dude has it.
That dude just roasted him hard, must be an elijah
by Twyk June 16, 2015
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The most amazing, cutest, guy you will ever meet. He acts weird and dorky, but it makes you love him more. He is understanding, kind, funny, and you will never forget him. He will never let you down, and it is almost impossible to hate Elijah. Every time you seem him, it will make you smile because you love him so much.
"That guy is amazing in every way, he's such and Elijah..."
by C H I L L I N October 13, 2017
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The most gorgeous, wonderful guy you could ever lay eyes on. He's different, out of the ordinary, special. His smile makes all the hipster girls go weak at the knees. His hair, oh god his hair...

With his wonderfully smooth, hilarious personality it's impossible to dislike Elijah. He's usually a rocker, wearing black skinny jeans and Jimi Hendrix shirts. Absolutely nothing can get in his way. He want's to stand out. He's not even aware of the swooning chicks that are desperately waiting for him to give them one of his looks. He's independent. Beautiful. Perfection.
"Hey... Is that Elijah riding his bike?"
"Oh my god, it is! Man, I wish he would notice me."

"I think I'm in love with Elijah."
by Nobodycanseeme March 12, 2013
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Elijah’s are usually very smart and full of information. They can be very helpful but may not share information with others. An Elijah usually has glasses and dark hair. His eyes may be brown/hazel and he has a monotone voice. He has a sweet side to him but rarely shows it due to trust issues. When an Elijah (Eli) is in a friend group he is the one who plans things out and is the leader.
Girl: I don’t really understand how to do the math homework

Elijah: I would help but I don’t want to
by Hammysam December 30, 2020
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