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Eliane is a very attractive, popular, and has good heart. Everyone wishes to be as cool as the her and are jealous when they can't compare. Eliane loves life and laughing, and enjoy seeing other people laugh as well. Eliane can be insecure sometimes because people try to bring her down but she always ends up winning when she realizes how wonderful and strong she is. Guys are intimidated to ask her out just because she is so unique.

Eliane = Popular, outgoing, loved by all, sometimes teased out of jealousy, loved by adults, kids love them too, smart, & funny.
"Wow, I wish I could date a Eliane."

"Sorry man, she's WAY out of your league."
by chrnah August 06, 2012
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a beautiful girl who works hard for the ones she loves and has very curly dark hair.
wow you are so lucky to be dating eliane!
by cchrist September 03, 2008
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Eliane is a very intelligent girl who works very hard. Their are never mistakes when it comes to her because she is a perfectionist. She is gorgeous and has a body like an hourglass. Eliane is freindly, and funny. She will make anyone smile.
Wow, did you see how beautiful Eliane looked in that bodycon dress?
by Compliment May 09, 2017
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