West Elgin ontario:, Population of under 1000 people, and west lorne is the crime capital! I mean, In rodney, someone
decided to murder someone brutally with chainsaw blades! We are known for our heroin needles all along the gas station! Try to count em! You’ll loose count, or skate park is litterally a dump truck that took a shit! The population being around 500 of west lorne, one of the small towns in west elgin, and it’s possibly the worst, you have eds gas station, who just sits there doing blow all day! You got 250 of the population being tweakers!, and also! You can walk down the street and have people offer you jib, crack, blow, or even lemon kush! We’re known for our naturally good outdoor marijuana, there’s even a small crip blood gang that goes down! , or the fact a ball of meth the size of my head gets sold in a night! By the local meth pushers of course, but stay away from these people, any of the greasy garage, definetly munch (unless you like laptops) jmag, matty chase, and multiple others, don’t try west elgin like they don’t run shit, y’all got 9mm, we got 762s(and needle wielding methheads)
Man West Elgin, Ontario. Don’t stop there for gas.
by Roaster69 August 18, 2020
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Biggest Free State in Britain, often confused with New York due to it also being the City that never sleeps. Also well known as Scotlands oldest man frequents this suburb for a pint, Bud Rose, aged 124.
“Have you ever visited New York to see the Free State”
“Do you mean New Elgin as it’s bigger”
Ah yes, I mean New Elgin, i’m off there to see Bud Rose old bastard
by hooraboy January 5, 2023
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A person who is Not To be played with But is a Funny person and a good guy to be around.
by Mgrizz March 13, 2021
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Noble and packing. The name Elgin is primarily a male name of English origin that means Noble. People named as Elgin tend to have a really big dick
I slept with Elgin, and omg I didn't expect him to be packing.
by Rajutffg November 22, 2021
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Elgin is a wonderful, diverse Illinois city about 1 hr from downtown Chicago. It has a beautiful river, tons of fantastic restaurants, and attractions. It is a safe community to raise a family. The town is extremely diverse, vibrant, and full of art. Elgin is a fantastic place to live. Homes in Elgin range from millions of dollars to over 150k. Elgin has a fantastic police department and transportation system. It’s ranked one of the safest and best places to live in Illinois.
by ElginCitizen August 13, 2022
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