also known as Pot Elgin, a small town with a few awesome people. Filled with hicks and red necks that ride John Deer tractores through Main Street and down the highway. Has a wicked awesome beach and cool sunsets. Great for a romantic redneck vacation including bowling, dirtbiking, and hide and seek in the sketchy woods. Watch out for rapists....
The rail trail bridge has just been burnt down in Port Elgin....again...
by Nagadoodam February 1, 2011
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"Man, I totally Lord Elgined her last night up in her room"
by Xoanon August 3, 2009
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A place where academy kids fight, people smoke weed, and sophmores get Prego, a shorter definition is; a ghetto highschool located in Elgin Illinois
Man, Elgin highschool is ghetto as fuck
by Cheesuschrist420 September 10, 2021
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You know that stupid ass place Plainview, MN? Well welcome to it’s little cum stain of a brother. I should say half brother because people here have half the amount of chromosomes too. Didn’t think that was possible? The town is small, the people are retarded and the whole place smells like cooch sweat and rotten cow uterus. Imagine having one gas station in a town and the owners don’t speak English. Like bitch this is a America not the DMV. Anyways, the place is ass and the people are segregated into 4 sections. Poverty, daddy issues, MegaFaggots™️

And the people who were in charge of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Oh, and the rich white people who live in peace. But it has its perks don’t get me wrong, it is TWO licenced gun ranges both labeled “public school” and plenty of places to get weed and alcohol so you can get light it up like and Orlando gay bar. And after your done with that. You can do absolutely fucking nothing bc there is nothing else to fucking do in this nut sack of a town. At least Plainview hides they’re poverty. Elgin just lets it out for all to see like your mom’s saggy boobs. But, I mean if you’re alright with living in a place where the syphilis is high, the chromosomes are low and you constantly feel like there’s a bomb threat when you go and pump gas. Then Elgin sounds like the right place for your sorry ass!
“Hey bro, the ‘Your mother’s a fat bitch awards’ are happening in Elgin, MN on Sunday. You wanna go?”

“Hell yeah! Only if you promise not to fuck my moms belly button again.”

“Ok. It’s gotten loose since last time anyways”
by Mike Honcho (aka Daddy) 💦 February 18, 2021
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A basketball player who didnt get enough credit for his hard work and dedication to the game his style was ahead of his time he did not get much credit due do racism in the 1960. From 1960to1962 he scored more than 30 points a game, 1961 was his best season playing 48 games with 44.4 minutes a game and scoring 38.2 pts a game. With a 42.8 FG% and 75.4FT% and 18.6 rebounds a game and 4.6 assits
Tom -did you here about elgin Baylor noah-no
Tom-he scored 71 points last night
by Mondaytosunday killer January 21, 2022
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The ghetto version of st.charles. it is filled with desginer this and designer that but most of it is not real.
oh my god, i love your purse! is it real?
oh you must be from south elgin
by Musturd October 16, 2008
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A place full of hoes who cant keep there legs closed and a place to get hooked on drugs and a place to loose ur v card 🤢🤧✌
Elgin middle school is dumb asf
by Bob124rdyx March 11, 2020
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