(Chiefly British, and best appreciated in a British accent.)

Any large-bore corrugated tubing. Generally made of thick plastic - making it stiff - while the corrugations allow for some flexibility. Generally used for routing cables around a room, or exhaust gas from an air conditioning unit.
I say - heat's building up in the machine room. Don't suppose you could toddle over and check the elephant's cock's not fallen off the air con, old boy?
by cfm2 December 14, 2011
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a penis the size of an elephants

a penis with elephantitus

or the actual penis of an elephant
check out that elephant cock it would take a fricken whale to get that in.
by noone July 14, 2003
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black man sized dick or an actual elephant dick
Have you seen the new movie snakemen. Those guys have elephant cocks.
by slopass December 18, 2002
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Elephant Cock: Have you ever seen an elephant penis erect? It goes from there being nothing to looking like a 5th leg. Having an Elephant Cock means people thinking you have a small penis but you pull out a 12 incher.
Shaquisha: Eyyo Tyrone, you got a tiny ass dick, you would surprise me if you pulled out an elephant cock.
Tyrone: "Pulls out COCK"
Shaquisha: DAYUMMMM, gimme that fat cock!
by ElephantCockBoy69 November 28, 2017
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