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Eleni is a really beautiful gurl and an amazing friend. She is one of the best people you will meet in life and when you do you and Eleni will always stay together. Eleni is really funny and can always make you smile. You can never stay sad if you have a friend who is Eleni. Eleni is very talented and is also shy to admit it but loves to be an artisitic creative potateto. Eleni is a person you want to meet. If you find an Eleni make sure you become fiends with them. Or maybe even more than friends.
You here that J
YoU hEaR tHaT j
Yeah, tonight I am gonna hang out with Eleni and we're going to look at memes together
by FeelingPeachy;) March 10, 2019
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eleni is SO sweet. she is absolutely stunning and you would be amazingly lucky to have her as your friend. or even to know her! she is an amazing human, and she is so humble, kind, hilarious, selfless, and so much more. she’s always there for you. she always has the guys trying to get her and really she deserves it. she’s one of the best people ever, & whether she chooses to admit it or not she is one of the most stunning people i’ve ever met.
woah! eleni is so pretty & kind!”
by 🥰🥰🥰🥰 April 23, 2019
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A beautiful girl that is very nice and amazing. She is artistic and a great freind. If you meet a girl named eleni I would recommend you become freinds with her or maybe more.
Eleni is so beutiful I love her.
by Cecileistrashh August 27, 2017
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She’s so beautiful she’s basically a goddess. you need her. Everyone likes Eleni. She’s really nice and always has your back. She’s also good at keeping secrets. She will always sacrifice things to make others happy. If you meet an Eleni you should become friends with her. That’s Eleni!
I met this girl today, she’s an Eleni
This girl looks like an Eleni
by E’leni April 06, 2019
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A beautiful hardworking independent women who doesn't rely on boys to bring her happiness. Does anything she sets her mind to. Sometimes a bit stubborn, but generally a great friend overall
Eleni come over here.
by MiniMiChu September 12, 2017
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A nice positive person who likes to help out others in need.
Your an Eleni.
by idk_lol February 17, 2018
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Traditional, Greek meaning "Ray of Light". Associated with Iris, goddess who travels on a "ray of light", rainbows, flowers, all that goodness. It's the greek version of the name ELAINE.

Good mom. Protective. Smart. Can be extremely strict, serious, stern. Confident but secretly insecure. Sexy. Risque. Racey! Loved the Beatles. Owned Chippendales calendars. Big boobs. Could seduce younger men if she wanted to; cougar-esque. Awful singer, but still belts out oldies, resulting in others learning the goodies. Hilarious. BEST friend. Caring. Kind to everyone and teaches others to be the same way. Always adopting people and animals. Comforting. Supportive. Touched others. Memorable smile. Charismatic. Popular. Lovable. Missed.

Susan Sarandon-like, Sigourney Weaver-ish.

Name is more common as middle name.

Did you see the lady in the hot pink top? CA-RAZY cleavage! THAT'S SO ELENI.


Don't pull an Eleni and bring that sick cat home! It probably has rabies.
by dointhedew September 19, 2008
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