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Rumoured to be imortal, beings trained in the art of harnessing and controlling mystical power, seen only from the heavens by mans eyes. They are rumoured to secretively run the world.

Do not attempt combat with such individuals... such would be severe folly and would lead to certain death of anyone who tried.

Other Attributes:

Powers of perssuasion.(noted ability to cause confusion on mortals in order to accumulate wealth).

Locations most likely to be found: In their modern day stallions, vans at drive-thru food chains asleep during warm hours of the day... do not approach van for advice on ANYTHING during this period... it could be fatal .
The Electrician made everyone happy in Maddison Square Garden buy using his mystical energy to show amazing festive illuminations at Christmas. The energy was so powerful it lasted 4 weeks straight !!!
by One who knoweth the way February 28, 2012
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A person who solves a problem you didn't know you had, in a way you don't understand, for a price you can't afford.

Notorious for being sexually harassed by married woman who wish their husband was half the man an electrician is.

Does not play well with others, specifically*: fitters, welders, plumbers, carpenters, mudders, tapers, ironworkers**, insulators, flooring installers, glaziers, laborers and brickys.

*Unless said trade has a valuable cocaine source.

**Ironworkers and electricians generally share a mutual respect and don't fuck with each other
Mike called Brian the electrician to repairethe tower crane. The crane was running in 12 minutes. Brian billed a 4 hr service call on double time for the work order and went home. Everyone hated and wished they could be Brian. Brian's wife was so happy he was home at 10:30am, she made him a steak sandwich for lunch and offered him a BJ while he ate it. Brian lived happily ever after.
by 309A$hawzy June 10, 2018
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During the day, a person who runs cables through walls. By night person with severe drinking problem who sits on his but expecting others to entertain them
I can see you live with an electrician (two people dancing while electrician holds a pistol directed at said persons feet)
by grotestbulge October 24, 2015
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to lay a cable
also see u bend bloker or dropping kids off @ pool
"They call me 'the electrician'

'whys that? '

well everytime i go i lay a cable!!

by BigSi August 18, 2006
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Also known as sparky or fucktard.
Spectacularly retarded individuals who spend their days pulling on electrical cables whilst dreaming about penises.
They get the name sparky from the lack of two available brain cells to rub together and generate a fart of a spark.

Diametrically opposed to fitters
''Who is that fucktard?"

"That's Kevin. He is an electrician"

"Fuckin sparkys. Deadset braindead fucks, the lot of them"

"Copy, underground electrician"
-no answer-
"Fuckwit is probably jerking off a cable wishing he cock was this big"
by -Zaknafien- June 29, 2017
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