the inability to become aroused by any candidates in the 2008 American presidental election.
"did you read about that new study by the AMA? research shows that just watching obama and mccain on cnn promotes incurable electile dysfunction."
by fineupstandingcitizen July 31, 2008
The inability to become aroused by any of the choices for President put forth by either of the parties in the 2008 election.
Obama? McCain? Edwards?
NO! They all give me electile dysfunction--The only one that gets me going is Hillary!
by ChaseSVA January 25, 2008
A lifelong condition that makes a person not care and unmotivated to vote for any politician ever again in their lifetime. This is not a bad condition as democracy cannot be subverted by one single president; otherwise, that would be a fascist dictatorship. Electile dysfunction syndrome can make your physical, mental, and emotional health a whole lot better for not getting involved with meaningless political drama.
The choices between the douche(Donald Trump) and the turd sandwhich(Hilary Clinton), have spread the non-dangerous but yet rewarding disease across the nation known as electile dysfunction syndrome to over 55% of the USA.
by superbipolar420 October 19, 2016
The state of impotence and abject disinterest toward the political elective process.
I ain't gonna vote, I can't -- got ED.
Electile Dysfunction (ED). Had it since Regan.
by Phil November 28, 2005
The inability of the loser of a Presidential election to be able to accept the results.
Donald Trump suffers from electile dysfunction because he doesn’t accept that he lost the 2020 Presidential election.
by PaininVajayjay November 18, 2020
When someone suffers from confusion about a presidential candidate's qualifications and can't get up to make a decision and vote.
I can see why this 2020 presidential election most people are suffering from "electile dysfunction."
by debash120754 October 31, 2020
Dysfunctional (so-called) 'Representative Democracy' by Election, widespread in most countries.
It'll take the Tauranga more than a year to recover from its Electile Dysfunction of June 2022
by PartisanZ June 20, 2022