Beautiful girl with an extraordinarily kind heart. Usually with really blue eyes. Sometimes her mind is an absolutely mess. She is a very rare person, being a nerd while being incredibly pretty and cute. Someone you can totally be yourself around and not give a care in the world about your actions or feelings because she won't judge you for the stupid things you may do or say. If you have ''Eleanore'' in your life, you should never let her go.
Eleanore is like a treasure.
by rileyyy February 16, 2014
Eleanor, a normally short girl, usually laughs a lot, and hates being the center of attention. The word Eleanor is a Greek name meaning light. Eleanor’s are usually beautiful, bright and bubbly.

Eleanor’s usually get a lot of attention for their beautiful hair colour and eye colour. Eleanor’s usually get crushed on because of the fact they are oblivious and think no guys like them.
Person 1: wow, she’s so beautiful
Person 2: look at her hair she’s perfect! Oh and her eyes!
Person 1: she’s quite small!

Person 2: she must be an eleanor
by Frienshipgangforever February 19, 2019
Eleanor is the most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. She has the prettiest blue-and-green-flecked eyes and blondish, sun-kissed hair. As pale as the moon with a few cute freckles on her nose, she is super ripped, too. She has a voice like an angel and writes songs and plays the piano and can run faster than any other girl or boy you know. She loves sports, but also loves all kinds of art and is REALLY good at both. Basically, she is the best at everything. But she is not cocky about it. I don't think she even knows she's beautiful, and whenever she shows you one of her projects or art pieces or sings a song, she's always saying she can do better. When she runs a race, she always wins, but then she looks at her time afterward and is upset. She is also the nicest person you will ever meet. It doesn't matter if the person is unpopular or weird, Eleanor will be nice to them and make their day. And she is hilarious, and super smart, too. Eleanor is the girl to be with. Beautiful face, beautiful legs, beautiful hair, beautiful eyes and a laugh clear and crisp as a bell. But she doesn't choose just anyone. She wants guys who will chase after her, because she wants them to like her for who she is. Because she's kinda weird in a cute, qwirky way. If you are with an Eleanor, just know you are the luckiest guy around by far. Also, cheesy pickup lines kinda work on her if they're not inappropriate, because she will laugh and laugh. She hates nicknames, though. Only call her Eleanor.
Whoa. That girl is hella stunning.
No kidding. Must be an Eleanor.
by PaulOyster February 23, 2020
Eleanor is a magical person who is quite tall with wavy, light brown hair, usually with green or brown eyes and a sweet smile. She can do all sorts of things, and will be loyal to those who she likes. But never piss her off, if you do, you are dead. If you are in search for an angel, search for an Eleanor.
Boy: omg, that girl is HOT!
Girl: oh, that's Eleanor. She's my friend.
Boy: I'm in!
by Redstone M November 18, 2018
She is nice , shy , loving . She is a type of person to bring herself down . She has loves a lot of people that love her . If you mess with her run just run don’t stop. She has a lot is dislikes about her self but she is perfect. She thinks she is ugly be she if beautiful.
Guy 1: you see that girl she is beautiful

Guy 2: ya she looks like a Eleanor
by Girl 👧🏻 March 11, 2019
Usually a girl with wavy brown hair, and brown eyes.
Eleanor is pretty, but she believes she is not.
Completely oblivious to the fact all the guys like her.
Eleanor is smart, kind and funny. However, if you piss her off, you are a goner.
Eleanor is normally shy, not the most popular, but devoted to the friends she does have.
As a child, Eleanor was a bit of a crybaby, but grew up into a confident young woman.
Girl : OMG, like all the boys are falling for that new girl.
Other Girl : Oh, Eleanor? Yeah, she's real cute.
by Hello im annoying August 31, 2021
Usually a small sweet girl,
brown haired blue eyed, funny, best friend anyone could have, always joking around but gets hurt easily, great in bed, great arse, always so caring, and will look out for you if you look out for her.
can get extremely jealous,
pretty, loving, happy.
Has alot of feelings, needs to be loved.
Nice Arse, Loving face, Great hugger.

Just overall a great person to be with to have a laugh, very saucy, sexy (when she wants to be) Clever, witty.

And always very Mature, never mistake her for a slut..she may act like one..but she is not.
'wow, did you talk/see that girl Eleanor last night?'


'Well, you should've she took my breath away;
by findoutmore22 April 25, 2011