A slang, or series of phrases, used by those from the generations of "Great Generation", "Silent Generation", and some "Baby Boomers" to describe a noun, verb, or situation that earlier generations tend to misunderstand.

Eldonics consist of phrases such as "It's raining cats and dogs!" and "your barn door is open".

Eldonics also consists of the suffix "Itty" preceding with words that rhyme with "It." Other incomplete slang words are "dem", "der", etc.

Eldonics also consist of misconstruing words such as "Indian" to be pronounced like "Engeeine" , en-jee-uhn.

The prefix derives from the word "Elder" and the suffix derives from the word "phonics".
EX 1.

Mom, Grandma told me "I've got too many Irons in my fire". Why is Grandma running a forge, she's 92 years old!

Oh! Grandma's just using using Eldonics, don't mind what she says.

EX 2.

"Lookie at dem der itty bitty titties!"
by The Smitty's G August 10, 2009
Translated from Spanish to English, "Eldon", simply means The-Don. However the Spanish definition reffers to the word "Eldon" as TheGift.
Oh wow that's a beautiful Eldon!
by stemex October 13, 2009
A colloquial term originally popularized in Western Canada for an object or group of objects that is considered superior to all similar objects or groups.
Wayne Gretzky was the Eldon of hockey players.

The tyrannosaurus was considered the Eldon of predators.
by XrossContamination November 9, 2009
Eldon is a complete stud. He has his ears peirced and doesnt care what other people think about it...(dad). Eldon is a synonym for chick magnet. He beats off girls with a stick... or his 34 inch biceps. Eldon works at best buy, and no girls... hes not for sale.... get in line.
girl: "Wow I would kill for a slice of Eldon!"
by sooooo hello March 8, 2010
A drink made famous in Houston, TX bars. Popularity is spreading throughout Gulf region. It contains Vodka (preferably Ketel One); Club Soda and a lemon; Enjoyed after hours or pre-NASCAR.
Bartender ... Let me get two Eldon's and hold the straw.
by Tom Collins April 10, 2006
A gay homo with a small unpaid bill for months on end..
by Anonymous September 25, 2003