Sequel to Eragon and second book in the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini. Much better then the first.
Eldest is the second book in the Inheritance Triology
by Melbell September 14, 2005
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An attempt by scholars to re-introduce the joy of reading the Thesaurus to the younger generation by attatching to it characters and the occasional event. The book cover claims it was written by Christopher Paolini, but we know better.
"I have a new name for pain."
"What's that?"
"The obliterator."

"Layer upon layer of pregnant clouds blanketed Palancar Valley, clinging to the mountains with tenacious arms and filling the air with heavy, cold mist. From inside, Roran watched as cords of gray water pelted the trees with their frothing leaves, muddied the trench around Carvahall, and scrabbled with blunt fingers against the thatched roofs and eaves as the clouds disgorged their load. Everything was streaked, blurred, and hidden behind the torrent’s inexorable streamers," An example of how Eldest appropriated the Thesaurus to describe rain

"The sandstone around her nose shimmered like gilded dew, turning clear with dancing silver highlights. Eragon watched in wonder as tendrils of white diamond twisted over the tomb’ surface in a web of priceless filigree. Sparkling shadows were cast on the ground, reflecting splashes of brilliant colors that shifted dazzlingly as the sandstone continued to change"
by LockBreaker August 22, 2008
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She may not be the eldest child but she is the eldest daughter meaning she'll take on more responsibilities than her siblings and forced to be the family therapist and second mom and if she breaks under the pressure? Good luck
Person#1: hey why were you late?
Eldest daughter: Oh I had to make breakfast for the family, do the laundry make sure mom took her meds make sure dad got to work on time made sure my siblings that had it got to school on time and made sure my brothers got to work on time
Person: sounds like you have eldest daughter syndrome
by Cinder323 December 8, 2021
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Eldest sibling syndrome or E.S.S is When you are the eldest amongst your siblings so you automatically fall into the cycle of having to use things until they are disintegrating because you can't ask for new ones.

Whereas on the other hand any younger sibling can ask for whatever and get it instantaneously because they are not the eldest.

Examples of this include tattered clothes and using things until they break.
Person 1: Dude. Your underwear is literally hanging by the elastics. Why don't you get new ones?

Person 2: Oh you know why. Ask my little brother.

Person 1: No wait. Don't tell me you have Eldest Sibling Syndrome!?
Person 2: It's gotten worse
by Mad King JJ July 29, 2017
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The fourth born in a family larger than four.
I am the fourth eldest child of the Vea family.
by Theo Always Right Kefi January 3, 2022
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When the eldest daughter in a family with multiple children, presumably with kids younger than her- though not always- is placed into a parental role. Oftentimes, she is treated as a motherly figure from a very young age, while her siblings- if she has an older or twin /brother/, specifically, for example- are not given the same expectations. This can cause significant stress and a feeling of needing to help everyone and/or personal responsibility for any given thing, which can seriously damage the eldest daughter's mental state.
She got a phone when she was 10, but it was so that her brother could call her if he needed something. I keep asking her to hang out, but she's always got chores to do-I don't think her brother does any, though. Serious eldest daughter syndrome, man. Hope she gets some therapy.
by adismhsmh June 2, 2023
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