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1. The nemesis to the three amigos, in The Three Amigos movie starring Martin Short. He throws a pinata party in Mexico and eventually gets his plans foiled.

2. The Mexican equivalent to John Stamos.
I believe everyone has their own El Guapo.
by [JJ] September 29, 2005
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Noun and Verb

1. An obstacle or problem that can be solved in a humorous way

2. To solve an obstacle or problem in a comical matter

-Word derives from the movie The Three Amigos in which Steve Martin gives a speach saying 'We all have an El Guapo' who was the villian in the movie, but the word over time has come into usage for not a serious problem but a funny one-
He's in a little El Guapo because he has three dates for the same day
by That one crazy kid April 20, 2007
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A modified self inflicted "Dirty Sanchez" involving auto erotic asphyxiation using a belt hanging from the ceiling and wearing a sombrero.
I got bored last night and gave myself an El Guapo.
by Archteuthis Noir January 10, 2010
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