1. The nemesis to the three amigos, in The Three Amigos movie starring Martin Short. He throws a pinata party in Mexico and eventually gets his plans foiled.

2. The Mexican equivalent to John Stamos.
I believe everyone has their own El Guapo.
by [JJ] September 29, 2005
Noun and Verb

1. An obstacle or problem that can be solved in a humorous way

2. To solve an obstacle or problem in a comical matter

-Word derives from the movie The Three Amigos in which Steve Martin gives a speach saying 'We all have an El Guapo' who was the villian in the movie, but the word over time has come into usage for not a serious problem but a funny one-
He's in a little El Guapo because he has three dates for the same day
by That one crazy kid April 20, 2007
He is the mysterious goat, tiger, man combination that eats cabbage and only cabbage.
carful there was an el guapo sighting near
by Real-person October 9, 2018
A modified self inflicted "Dirty Sanchez" involving auto erotic asphyxiation using a belt hanging from the ceiling and wearing a sombrero.
I got bored last night and gave myself an El Guapo.
by Archteuthis Noir January 10, 2010
the act of kicking a girl out of a moving car after you have recieved oral sex from her.

related words: injured girl found at the roadside
"yo so i picked up some chick last night dudes and we drove around and then i totally El Guapoed that bitch!!
by Fagdonna May 23, 2004
An el guapo is presumably a very hot teenage boy, usually in the age range of 14-16. He also usually lives 4 doors down from a very talented young lady. El guapo is used as a code word when with friends to notify that there is a handom teenage boy in the area.
Alex: Kendra look there is an el guapo
Kendra: where?
Alex: 4 doors down from my house!!
Brooklyn: He is a hot el guapo.
by ayucds1423 March 9, 2021