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A christian name from Nigeria, often followed by Oghene, put together translates as Praise God. Ejiro is very charming and sweet and very attractive. However, he always has to have his own way and is incapable of rational adult discussion about any problems that come between you and will argue just for the sake of it and call you names that make no sense or sulk and completely ignore you. He really likes chilli peppers and ovaltine and hates bad smells.
Person: if you sleep in the dark you are a witch
other person: you must be an Ejiro
by wifeofejiro February 03, 2010
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Ejiro is an Urhobo name from the southern side of Nigeria. It is usually short for "Ejiroghene" or "Ejirome"

She is usually very bold and outspoken with the tendency of trouble making. Shes quiet at first but opens up after a while to show you the razz side of her. She's a goal getter
You're so bold. You must be an Ejiro.
by Ejis December 10, 2017
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