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Your first name makes you independent, resourceful, practical, and patient. You could be inventive along scientific or technical lines; although you are not naturally spontaneous in musical or artistic expression, you can develop technical proficiency along these lines. You are fussy about details and seek perfection in whatever you undertake. Being somewhat wilful and skeptical, you learn best through your own experiences and seek proof though facts. You work best alone, making your own decisions, and learning from your own experiences, and despite your loyalty to friends, your communication at times is stilted, too candid, and frank.
"Hey, did you do the homework last night?"

"No, but I bet Eigen did."

"Eigen, can I see your homework?"

"No. It's your responsibility to accomplish your assignments in a timely and efficient manner."

"So I'm guessing that's a no?"
by anonymous.tortoise March 27, 2017
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