Ehi is a beautiful girl who is intelligent, popular, sweet, kind and funny. She enjoys making people around her happy and is always on the hunt for fun. She insults people but doesnt mean it intentially, however she makes people laugh when she does. Her witty personality makes people love her and shes in love with music especially the best rapper in the world Aubrey Drake Graham! <3
LMFAO Ehi's so funny!!
I wish I was like Ehi man KMT!
by Anhj December 20, 2011
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level 0 Red Alert player. synonyms of ehy: rookie, noob, amateur etc.

im ehy but if i practise hard i will become better
by ehy January 17, 2009
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it means
a. hello how are you doin today
b. what is up
c. you just got a j bizzle
d. a dr.t just stole your money
e. used in place of a foul word.
by j bizzle January 31, 2004
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Commonly found when texting a fast typer
ehy did it sound like that
by B.nezz May 21, 2022
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an african that makes eerie faces and loves people that love jesus christ. can i get an amen?
Hey, look at that ehis. he's so fat
by by me353453 March 20, 2019
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when you orgasm too hard that you fall of the dick
She ehyed off the dick because it was too good
by ehyyyyyyyyy April 3, 2018
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when you orgasm so hard you fall off the dick
She ehyed so hard because the dick was so goodly
by ehyyyyyyyyy April 3, 2018
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