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A gorgeous sexy girl with great sense of humour. Eesha is very clumsy but in a cute way ,she loves spending time with her friends. She is very loyal and will always be there for you . Eesha is very bubbly and fun she loves a good game but she can be very competitive. She is very sporty and is up for a challange. She is very shy when u get to meet her. But she also has a very wild side about her . You will love that once you get to know her. Eesha has a beautiful stunning face but sometimes she can forget that so always remind her . You would be lucky to date her
she is so Eesha
by Realist_100 May 16, 2018
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A beautiful and smart girl cute and funny and one of the best people you will ever meet. She is totally girlfriend material and when other girls walk your eyes will be stuck on hers. Everytime you see her face you make her smile and you will do the same her.
Girl;I really like you think we can go out on Saturday.
Boy;Sorry I can't I am dating eesha now.
Girl; I am way better than her.
Boy; You wish you were cause their is no one better than her.
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buy the domain for your diy site
Eesha the main savage of them all
Yo its Eesha the sav
by savageinthehouse December 11, 2016
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Eesha is a word used to describe a smart , loving, sexy, cute Indian woman. She is full of fun and is always up for a good time.
Did you see Eesha yesterday, she was looking great.
Brian is so lucky to have Eesha.
by Boyknucklehead January 01, 2018
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A girl who gets hard at least 69 times per day.
OMG That Eesha is hard!
by Bob Fishstick May 20, 2016
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a beautiful indian girl who lives at dronfield woodhouse and has the most sexiest best friend ever, she is so loving and caring
that eesha is piff blud
by sexymexytwigg April 15, 2019
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