What Stephenie Meyer didn't tell us.
Nothing could be more perfect than this. This moment was so intense, so spiritual, it was hard to breathe. Laying under edward in this big white cushy bed; his arms on either side of my face, my arms hooked up around his shoulder blades.. He held himself carfully, so i didn't feel any of his weight, but i could feel every line of his perfect body pressing into mine. Our bodies were still salty and dripping from the swim, i coudn't tell if i was sweating. I stared into his eyes, breathing heavy. He stared back, his golden eyes full of love and passion. Thank god we were already unclothed. Any time used by removing eachothers clothing would be; while exciting; a waste. He bent his head down to press his lips lightly to mine. His lips traveled down my jaw line and pressed into the hollow under my ear.
"Bella," he whispered, his breaths shallow "Are you sure?" Was I sure? was he crazy? ofcourse i was.
"Ofcourse I am, Edward. I've never been, more sure, of anything. I love you" I made out between short breaths. He laughed quietly. "I love you, too." his soft voice was seductive. God, why couldnt he just start already? I couldnt take it anymore, I grabbed his face and moved it back to mine. I kissed his lips egerly. He growled and let our lips part. I used this opportunity to push my eager tounge between his delicious teeth and let it play with his. His tounge pushed back and i let him explore every contour of my mouth. Oh my GOD he tasted so good i wanted to crawl up inside him and sleep there. A little moan escaped in the back of my throat, exciting edward, and then he couldnt wait any longer either.
He cautiouly pushed him self inside me. I let out a surprised moan wich he breathed in with a muffled gasp. Woah. He pushed a little more, letting himself glide farther into me. I couldn't breath. We continued to kiss feircly, unable to let go of eachother. Edward started to push a little faster, increasing the friction between our bodies. in and out, in and out. I fought to contain myself, for the expressions i wanted to release were embarrasing. i wanted to scream.
His left hand slid underneath my shoulder blades and massgaed the indents behind my ears. his right hand traveled down my rib cage, curved around my hip, down my thigh and stopped at my knee. his cold hand bent my leg at the hip as he slid his fingers down the back of my thigh and back up toward my knee, sliding his ebow up under my bent knee. As he pushed into me gently, I hooked my other leg up around his waste and began moving my hips in tune with his. I arched my back as he pushed faster in and out of me, creating a friction i couldnt control. He was so hard, I couldn't breath. I moaned his name and he pushed harder. My arms moved down his arms and gripped his forarms. Edwards lips traveled down to my neck where he started licking and kissing me, driving me crazy. I didn't know pleasure could come this intense. i wrapped both legs around his waste and sweeped my arms up his back in an attempt to pull him further into me. I wanted him and all of him faster and harder and more and more and more. He read my body signs and sped up, getting a bit more intense with each passinate push. Our bodies moving in unison, I let out a gasp. I could feel his heavy, ragged breathing against my neck, his hands moved all over my body, gripping and squeezing. My fingers were scraping eagerly against the granite skin of his back in an attempt to hold him tighter against me and control the pleasure.
My own breath was coming in short shallow gasps now, a small moan escaping from the back of my throat with each exhale.
I could feel the pressure building inside of me. edward continued pushing, making my insides scream with delight. My moans got more high pitched and our breaths got faster and more shallow.
Edward moved his lips down my neck and continued untill he was kissing and carressing my breats. I threw my head back and gasped, my back arching letting my body feel even more. He licked his way back up my chest, licking my collar bones and up my neck, stopping at my lips and kissing me passionatly, groaning quietly. He let his tounge travel the shape of my lips, making my heart race even faster then it already was. his lips shifted down to my left ear. "Bella," he groaned quietly. I thought my heart was gong to jump out of my chest. My hips kept moving in tune with his, my bach still arched, my fingers still scraping the granite skin of edwards back, me head thrown back. I let my eyes close and let myself think of nothing but the pleasurable pressure building inside of me getting stronger and stonger every breath i took. The feeling inside of me made me want to jump up and down screaming. It kept building, faster and faster. My legs wrapped tighter around Edwards waste. My hips moved faster, attatched to his. My arms clung to his shoulder blades as if my life depended on staying close to him, which it did. My breathing was eratic and adible, my moans louder and more intense. His hands were traveling up and down my back, up my legs, around my hips, carressing my chest, framing my face, curving around my elbows, shaping under my shoulders. He was holding me tight, yet not quite tight enough for me. I groaned, and as if he could read my mind, his grip on me immediatly tightened as if in reaction to my pleasured gasp. Edward kept rocking me back and forth while pushing inside me. his left hand slid up my neck and massaged the hollows behind my ears. His right hand moved down to my low low back and pulled my hips tighter against his, arching my back even more. I could feel everything. And Everything still wasnt enough. I wanted more more more and more. I wanted him to go deaper inside me. I wanted it harder and faster, as much intensity as possible. Physically loving someone has never had so much meaning. So much intensity. Is it possibe to love someone as much as I love edward? As much as i love physically loving him? I couldn't imagine anything more exciting, pleasurable, or meaningful.
The friction was building. Our bodies moving faster. Our breaths becoming even more rapid. My moans turning into slight screams of passion. Edwards lips stayed at my neck as he eagerly physically loved me, his breath raggid, slight groans escaping his lips. He groaned my name continuoiusly, whispering that he loved me.
Just when i thought things couldnt get any better, i felt my insides explode. Ripples of pleasure exploded through my entire body,making me moan high and loud. I threw my head backfarther and let my body recieve electrical jolts from between my legs. I couldnt tell what was me and what was Edward. We were Edward and Bella , Bella and Edward. We were Bella, we were Edward. Edward kissed my lips roughly, groaning,still pushing pushing pushing. His face dissapered beside my neck as if into the pillows under my neck and head. I hardly noticed. My body was still receiving the most incredible pleasure I have ever felt.
After one last moan from me and groan from Edward, he rolled us the the side, exiting himself from my body. I lay with my right leg hooked up against his waste, my left leg laying on the bed, my arms still wrapped around him, My body pulsing all over, kept from over heating only because of edwards cool body pressing up against me. His arms were around me too, and i rested my head against his chest. The last thing i heard before falling into a deep, happy sleep was the heavy and hard breathing of me and Edward, my exstatic heart beat, and the happy buzzing in my ears that resulted from reaching the ultimate level of love for Edward. I drifted into a dreamless sleep.
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When you have two characters in a story in which:
*Character A is something other than human and is super fast, strong, and altogether powerful
*Character B is a fragile little human
*They are in love, and Character A has a conflicting desire to protect and kill Character B
"I'm writing a story about a human who falls in love with this tall, scary alien. They've totally got an Edward/Bella Complex!"
"Good for you, monster fucker."
by FearTheRainbowFrogs November 22, 2020
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A relationship between two fictional characters where:
*Character A is something other than human and is super strong, fast, and powerful
*Character B is a fragile little human
*They are in love
*Character A has a conflicting desire to protect and kill Character B
"I've got a story where a human woman falls in love with a tall, scary alien! They've totally got an Edward/Bella Complex!"
"Good for you, monster fucker."
by FearTheRainbowFrogs November 22, 2020
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