one word : Homosexual

(If you dissagree find a man and ask him to wright down his every thought then read the edward version of twilight and you will find out no man thinks like that...unless they are homosexual)
guy 1: I love you and want to kiss you
Guy 2: Uhh.. *cough* edward cullen *cough*
by Outsiders perspective December 18, 2008
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The act of having sex while being stoned and high. Derived from the fact that Edward Cullen looks like, and probably is, stoned. Did I mention he also looks like a toad?
Girl: "My boyfriend and I had an Edward Cullen last night!"
Fangirl: "OMG *SCREAMZ*
Girl: "..."
by twilight_schmilight March 30, 2009
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A fucktard wannabe vampire that is in love with Bella, a fucktard herself. (Omg they should make babies of the FUCKTARD species! Oh, wait! Don't they already have a fucktard child?) He's a vegetarian vampire. A vampire that sucks on animal blood. Not human. And he SPARKLEZ? Nice, he sparkles, also. Yeah, I think Stephanie Meyer got the wrong idea of a REAL VAMPIRE. He's just a faggot pansy fairy that stalks Bella. (Apparently that's "romance" to him) Bella is even more of a fucktard that she even FELL for him! Are you serious?

P.S. If you have NOT read the Twilight Saga, DON'T! JUST DON'T! Don't touch that series if you value your brain cells. That alone is one of the government's conspiracy theories that's gonna kill us all.
Twifan: Like, Oh my god. Edward Cullen is so darn cute! You should read Twilight!

Person: Yeah, I rather not. I'd love to keep my brain cells.

Twifan: How can you survive without reading TWILIGHT?! IT'S THE BEST!!!

Person: Unlike you, I actually want to pass and graduate.
by allergictobullshit May 02, 2010
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A craddle robbing Vampire, who stalks teenage girls. Steals the heart of Bella then make her a nut and then comes back to her knowing she has nothing better in her life and probably minipulates the fact that she's vulberable and he could do anything he wanted to her because she can't fight back.
(fake not in the sags)
The sun goes down mom called telling asking me about my love interest when Edward comes out of nowhere. i hang up and he tells me to be perfectly still. I close my eys wondering what is he going to do and he kisses me that turns from a peck on the lips to a extreme make out session. He holds me down by my wrist and rips my clothes off and stuffs a shread of my shirt into my mouth muffling my screams. Charlie is on an over nihgt fishing trip. Nobody is home. "Bella stay still and it will be over sooner" He whispers.
I spit out thestrip and say "Edward please no".
"You said you rather die than be without me so do this and you'll have me forever".
Tears stream down my face as he pumps through me smiling each time I beg him to stop. I try to dig my fingers into his granite skin but nothing but throbbing fingers. After an hourof pain from his granite cock going in and out of my body I pull my covers over my body and hejust says "I'll be back tomorrow night I'm your forever Bella"
Why do I still love him, after just having my virginity taken away from me and I didn't even put up a fight, I couldn't he held me down. Like he said as if I could fight him off. Edward Cullen is my love but am I his?
by Beauty_with_a_brain May 17, 2009
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A creepy pedophile who preys on younger girls who have man voices.
Edward is very old, in his hundreds yet likes a 17 year old
Pretends to be high school student
Watches said manly girl in their sleep

Is gay, VERY gay
Edward Cullen *watching Bella sleep*
"I'm a creepy pedophile"
by fruit-loops October 24, 2009
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A 108 year old vampire that is frozen in time in a seventeen year old body and mind(besides the fact he is oh so super smart). The love interest of Bella Swan and they eventually get married and have a hybrid. He has a lot of fan girls, a lot of haters, and a lot of neutrals. He is too over protective, he watched Bella in her sleep before they actually met(who does that?!).

Has a bad relationship with Jacob and most of Bella's guy friends. He is described as perfect(which is boring). All of the other characters-even BELLA!-- have more personality than him yet most of them are rejected and only some people pay attention to them. Oh, and did I mention he sparkles?

Girl:"O-M-G Edward Cullen is so smexy!"
guy:"You mean the pedo vampire stalker?"
girl:"Yup!" <3

Direct quote from book:
"And you’re worried, not because you’re headed to meet a houseful of vampires, but because you think those vampires won’t approve of you, correct?"
by Anonymous Autumn Breeze April 12, 2009
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