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Usually a surname origins are from the Greek Ages.
The Edis' have largely died out, however a few small families remail in Western Europe and in the Greek Islands.
The Edis' were renouned Spiritualists and deep-thinkers and it is this combination that made them highly respected members of society.
The female members of the Edis' are known to be fiercely independant and staunch believers in what is right and just.
The male members of the Edis' are known to be hard workers and great providers of their family.
All that's missing from my household is an Edis.
I aspire to be an Edis.
by Louise Bagshawe February 07, 2010
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A hard bastard who’s shit asf on Fortnite. Nigga can’t pass 5kills for shit. Although he sucks ass he’s a funny cunt.
My man Edi still bushcamps
by Dryguy093519 May 08, 2018
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An amazing, smart and a nice guy that is funny, sweet and just a sunshine.

He’s a great friend.
If you need help he will be the first you should come to.

If you’re good friends he will be like a brother to you.
Girl 1: This guy is like a brother to me... guess his name!
Girl2: Edi?!!
by Anca.bananca44 January 23, 2019
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This is the epitome of the perfect guy. Every moment you spend with him will remain etched in your memory. You will have a great day just by saying hello to him! x) He's a friend of gold on who you can always count on. He is always there if you are in need and will every time ascend your moral! He puts heart into her work and gives it completely! He believes sometimes that he won't happen to achieve its goal, but it is only because he forgets that he is talented and smart! He's a totally charming, beautiful and amazing man. But be careful not to manhandle him feelings and treat him like a princess! Must bring him love and not lie to him! If you ever have the chance to have Edi as a friend, you can be sure he will bring you happiness and joy in your life!
person1: I have a friend unbelievable, he's really perfect, guess his name!

person2: EDI!
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by AlfaBRO January 23, 2019
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Edis is a sexy beast who is popular and cool, Sike this is written by a danny so it’s a joke
by Grosser February 03, 2018
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not very clever, in other words retarded
guy 1: hey mate i don't understand that?
guy 2: yeah its because your edis.
guy 1: *CRIES*
by supersayin gohan. April 20, 2011
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