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A perfect sister and girlfriend anyone could possibly have. She is emotional and hates lies.
Really defensive and tries to prove herself right and best to reason with.
1. Don’t think of lying, it’s Edin.
2. God! I wish I had an Edin related to me.
by Pajophel January 05, 2018
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noun- A promiscuous giant. Can be usually found within huge herds of young, beautiful women. He's often referred to as the Casanova of the modern age.
Unsuspecting female: "OMG its Edin! Run before it's too late, and you've fallen under his spell!!"

Damn bro, you pulled such an edin last night! Fucken got six girls to suck your dick at the same time.
by SillyGoose210 March 11, 2009
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Can be used as a male name. It means a charming, cute, and delightful person! They're very supportive, they have a caring heart, and spectacular in their own way. Edin is a very funny person, and can succeed in anything if he tries hard enough. He has exceptional worth, and many people appreciate Edin.
Edin can be so sweet sometimes!!
by dreams947 December 04, 2018
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