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*Released in 1989 for the 8-bit NES, by the company Technos (who in part released Double Dragon). River City Ransom was an underrated side-scrolling beat'em-up game where you could play as one or two players, and in essence, go around beating thugs up and taking their money! You can then use their money for RPG-related elements, such as going to stores and restaurants to power up your character's stats, and even learn new techniques.
River City Ransom has been recently re-released for the Gameboy Advance (by Atlus). It is now called River City Ransom EX (EX means 'extra' I think), and is basically River City Ransom with improved features, and tons of customization capability. RCR EX is very deep and I highly recommend it.......but good luck finding a copy; they sell like hotcakes!! I would know; the new copy I bought was the last friggin' one they had!! o_o I'm so lucky. ^-^

*To go around beating people up and taking their money.
"They seriously should consider making a sequel to River City Ransom; the game just fucking rules."

"I like to go downtown pulling a River City Ransom from time to time. ^-^ "
by Dave June 14, 2004
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