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An independent, funny woman. Likes to appear androgynous on occasion but is still feminine. Weird by name, weird by nature. Doesn't drink often, but when she does she isn't afraid to go all out. Very unique; piercings, tattoos, hair. She isn't one to start a confrontation, but will always fight her corner. Has a large obsession with David Bowie. Spends far too much time blogging. Worries about her appearance to a certain extent, but still has hairy arm pits. Basically, she's mental, but loveable. Critical, but honest. amazing friend. when she says the friendship is for life she means it, just don't mess up on your part because she won't be messed about.
Person 1: Who's that woman?
Person 2: The one with the blonde/green/purple/pink hair?
Person 1: Yeah, the one who is laughing.
Person 3: IM EDANA.
by Barry Badonkadonk June 12, 2013
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Edana is the chillest person ever. She’s so lowkey but late at night can get kinda crazy. Edana's laugh is contagious. She usually loves sports such as volleyball, and basketball. Edana has the prettiest eyes in the whole world. Edana doesn’t fall guys very often but when she does she falls head over heels for them. During Edanas teen years she is gorgeous but nobody notices and as she grows up people learn to see her real beauty. Edanas are such a great friend to have. They also has a great booty
Guy 1: That girl is so gorgeous she must be named Edana.
by Turtles1234567890 January 30, 2018
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An insane crazy lady with usually light brown hair and blue eyes. Her favourite animals are Jubbys and Pufflings and Philoso-rabitts. She might call you 'Jammy Ginger' .
"Hey Edana, do you like GNOMMMEEESSS?"
"Hey Edna Salad!"
by setvbyhubv May 17, 2017
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