One who is a complete and utter fuckwit. Also used to describe someone who is completely socially inept. An Ed, whilst not being completely stupid, has ignorant and nonsensical views and opinions.

A bragger; although Ed's generally bragg about events that happened in their mind are stupid or (as is commonly the case) not worth bragging about because it really isn't that great.

Ed's also enjoy being other people's bitches, this is due to the fact that because they're such an Ed people get quite embarrased being in puclic with them.

In general Ed's are extremely lame but have great entertainment value.

Girl: Hey!
Ed: Hey! OMFG, I like totally haven't shaven in three whole days! I've got a fricken beard now!
Girl: (Notices a minimal ammount of facial hair). You've been growing that for a few months haven't you?
Ed: (Awkward laugh). Nooo...
Girl: (To self) He is such an Ed...
by Halo_Slutana September 11, 2008
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a retarded person who meddles often... a confused person. a "special" person, generally misunderstood... self pity, and most importantly....
a father
"we just want each other for our bodies... i like being used" is an ed thing to say
by sarah.. October 24, 2006
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someone or something that is dumb or just not smart
ben:”yo man i just jumped pff this bridge
mike:”bro are you ed my guy
via giphy
by imkenz June 23, 2018
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shortened form for education.
i dont need a good ed, ok? ill do fine.
by donnald duck June 04, 2005
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1. Short for Edward or something of the sort, person's name
2. Erectile dysfunction
3. Encyclopedia Dramatica, a site that will mind-rape you.
Ed was on ED, which caused him to get ED.
by The Reluctant Helper July 18, 2011
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1. erectile dysfunction

2. A word used to descibe somebody as retarded, or doing something stupid. It can essentially be used in place of retarted. This word actually originated at a high school in San Diego. Apparently the janitor at the schools name was Ed, and he was retarted. So whenever somebody did something retarted, people wud say "thats so ed".
1. Many old men have ED.

2. You are so ed.
by Pitcher45 April 01, 2007
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When a person enjoys being dominated so much that you will often be willing to act as a sexual slave for an entire lifetime. One of ed's specialities is sodomising while cooking scrambled eggs!
Oi how u want ur eggs? "with a slice of that ass, ed"
by Edvard October 23, 2006
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