Our lord and Saviour, our one true love, sheeran is my soul. If ed sheeran has 10 fans i am 10 of them, if he has one fan i am that one fan, if he has no fans i am dead, sheeran or die.
Omg its ed sheeran "im in love with the shape of you"
by ljbau February 27, 2022
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To make an upbeat song slower and at a more calm tempo
He sheeranized Rocco drop the bass and it was too slow.
by Belgarion October 26, 2014
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Person A: hey, wanna listen to some ed sheeran music?
Person B: that redheaded guy?
Person C: with the foot fetish?
by I funny February 26, 2021
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Tartaglia sheeran is a pop sensation around the world of tevyat! An example of a song is Tartaglia Rasputin and shape of you!
by venti_the_bard October 21, 2021
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A person who is a singer-songwriter who names all his main albums after popular mathematic symbols
'Hey did you see my latest song?'

Yeah bruh, you're such an Ed Sheeran'
by PigeonKing 1067 July 27, 2020
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Guy singer with a guitar that just cry’s in all his song
Ed sheeran: Sings*
Me: omfg.. next is the-
Ed sheeran:CRIESSS*
Me: there it is
by SunnyBoyy August 15, 2020
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