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One of the kindest girls you'll ever know unless you cross her. She'll have her friends' backs through thick and thin. She is the girl whom everyone wants to befriend, and only little bitches with chips on their shoulders would wish to talk ill of her.
You're a true friend, Echo, and I got nothing at all but love for you.
by Damen June 22, 2004
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A very kind and loyal woman. Never have I met anyone I've come so close with in such a small amount of time. She truly is a wonderful person and should realize it. She is also a very naturally beautiful woman, whom I would be honored to be with. Anyone who hates on her, (Such as the fake MJoe, who is trying to front that he is me) is obviously an asshole, because she don't flame anyone who doesn't deserve it.
I do love Echolette and proud of it.
by Murderous Joe March 23, 2005
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Echolette is the queen of all lettes. she is a shining example of what it means to be a juggalette. Shes always there for a friend and if someone disses her or her fam they better watch there backs. She is also the Queen lette because of all the little bitches that cant stand that she is prettier than them so they post pics of her saying that they are her. (You know it really sucks to be a mod at a site and have 3 different girls trying to use pics of you as theres).
Echo you are the prettiest and most intelegent women ive ever met. Your insane aswell but thats what i love about you. MMFWCL
by Vash July 01, 2004
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Latin word meaning "one who can consume a whole dinner table full of greasy food".
Echolette just killed a kitten!
by M. Joe February 19, 2005
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